GBs 58 thru 65 - Finalized Schedule

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Thanks gents. As for the Night Fighter GB, I'm in. Hasegawa Ki.45 (Nick). Though the instructions don't say night fighter I found two photos of the first two options that say they are. In debations of which to do but am leaning to Option 1, NMF over black with red rudder and nose cap

My mistake George, I was actually referring to that type of mask made from Kabuki tape, they have been a great help to us modellers particularly when the finger are not so nimble. :D
In GB 58 meow, it calls for night fighters all eras, must be in a specific NF role. The question I have is after WWII, at least in the USAF, the night fighter became the “All Weather Intercepter” and the units became F(AW) Squadron/Wings. This is for clarification only but is this going to be accepted for this build, ie F-82G, F-86D, F-89 or F-94? These were assigned to AW fighter wings and did duel duty as both day and night intercepts. Today’s fighters all preform all weather day and night operations. Again clarifying the definition.

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