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Nov 9, 2005
Capt. Nicole Malachowski has been selected to fly for the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron "Thunderbirds" 2006 season, making history as the first female demonstration pilot in the 52-year history of the team. She is a fighter pilot from the 494th Fighter Squadron at Lakenheath.


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Heard they did a study some years back and figured out that the best fighter pilot (strictly from the perspective of physical makeup and nothing more) was a short, slightly overweight woman.

Short because the blood didn't move around as much in high G manuvers, slightly overweight because people who are a bit tubby tend to have higher blood pressure and female because their reflexes are quicker.
2nd Lt. Line Bonde - Danish Air Force


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Actually les, that last one was stationed at Pope. The scuttlebutt is that she fragged herself being a little too close to some ordnance she dropped. There is some ground fire damage, but just small arms stuff. Yeah, good on her for flying the plane back in manual reversion, but she did it to herself.
lesofprimus said:
That is correct tim, but what happens when combat happens during that special time of the month???

All the blood rushes to ur legs during high G's, doesnt it???

Got me on that one. I generally just leave that whole subject alone and start watching sports when it happens in my neck of the woods. :rolleyes:

Does kinda make ya' wonder though...
major Svetlana Protasowa- Russia, now she's flying on MIG29


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There are a couple of Female Pilots that I fly with in our unit and I have to admit they are damn good pilots, even went to Iraq with them and came under fire with them. Now having said that some of the worst pilots in our unit are female as well.
just how short is she? is that plane several miles behind her or summit :lol: either way good on her i guess, although i hope women never fly with the Red Arrows, particularly as flight leader, hearing the really pompus British guy when they play his radio over the loudspeakers is one of the highlights of their display, oh yeah, they do some flying too :rolleyes:
I have a lot of female fighter pilots photos!
And I am researhing for more images!
Could anyone help me?
For Example:


lesofprimus said:
....but what happens when combat happens during that special time of the month???....

God help anyone in their gunsights when theyre having an especially horrible day.
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