Gloster Meteor v Messerschmitt ME-262

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Globetrotting Surgeon General
Gloster Meteor G.41



Year deployed - 1944
Wing span, m - 13.11
Length, m - 12.57
Height, m - 3.96
Wings area, m2 - 34.74
Weight, kg
- empty aircraft - 2692
- maximum take-off - 6257
Engine - 2 x TJE Rolls-Royce W.2B/23C Welland
Thrust, kgs - 2 x 771
Maximum speed, km/h - 668
Range, km - 2000
Rate of climb, m/min - 2220
Service ceiling, m - 15240
Crew - 1
Armament - 4 x 20mm cannon (Hispano MkV)

Specifications for production versions can be found here:


Messerschmitt ME-262 A-1 "Schwable"



Year deployed - 1944
Wing span, m - 12.50
Length, m - 10.60
Height, m - 3.80
Wings area, m2 - 21.80
Weight, kg
- empty aircraft - 3800
- normal take-off - 6400
- maximum take-off - 7140
Engine - 2 x TJE Junkers Jumo 004B-1(B-2, 3)
Thrust, kgs - 2 x 900
Maximum speed, km/h
- on sea level - 823
- in altitude - 855
Range, km - 1040
Rate of climb, m/min - 1200
Service ceiling, m - 11000
Crew - 1
Armament - 4 x 30-mm cannons MK 108 with 100 rounds 12 UR R-4M

A-2 Specs - Fighter-bomber
B Specs - - Night fighter
Specs in Detail:


All information from unless otherwise stated.

What would be the result of a dogfight between the two? I believe that it would be tight as the Meteor could out climb the 262 but it has a huge disadvantage in speed (at least the G.41 by the F-1 the speeds where similar). However I believe that the 262's heavier armament would mean that it would win.
It all boils down to the pilot again, if it was a good pilot in either plane then they would win. If there was equally skilled pilots in both planes then the Meteor with it's greater manoeuvrability would win, although if the ME-262 did get in an accurate burst it would possibly win.
I see additional advantages for the Me-262:
critical Mach speed: 0.86 (against 0.83 for the Gloster Meteor MK IV)
excellent high speed handling
smaller target
the ability to keep its energy is better, esspecially on turns
acceleration at dives
even the ability of the Meteor to outurn the Me-262 depends on the speed
However, the Meteor has also some advantages:
weaponry: The four Hispano 20 mm are much better suited for high speed combats, since they have a very flat trajectory (compared to the Mk 108).
reliability of its jet engines
I believe that the better initiative (speed, crit Mach) of the Me-262 would be very important at dogfights with equaly qualified pilots. low to medium speed. Galland did fly a Meteor in Argentinia and he was not impressed by it´s handling charackteristics at high speeds. The lower wingload of the Meteor indicate a better handling at low speeds. But the MK I and MK III were both greatly underpowered (as was the Me-262).
heres the real thing colorized. II./JG 7, machines surrendered at Fassberg May 45. bitchin shot actually of a famous b/w pic which is still hot stuff 8)


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Les would you mind cropping the name of the guy out and enlarging this for the thread please ? This guy actually colorized a copy of a copy so who really knows the copyright except it is from the RCAF archivs with the Canadians captured the machines. Do think that white 5 was flown by jet ace and Staffelkapitän Fritz Stehle who shot down one of the last Soviet a/c of the war before landing
please Eric go for it ! if indeed true to the REAL colours and I think they are it is a rare find. EVen in the late war you can see the light blue background of the birds with the green/greys above. The jets were a hot commodity painted in an array of colours. will try and post the black and white for comparision if I haven't already

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