Hans-Ulrich Rudel - NEW BOOK

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Oct 26, 2004

I would like to introduce a new book about some stuka aces:

"Auf Feindflug mit den Ritterkreuzträgern Erwin Hentschel und Walter Linke"

The book tells about the life of the radio operators Erwin Hentschel and Walter Linke, who both were decorated with the Knights cross, and their combats with their pilots, oak leaves holder Herbert Bauer and Hans-Ulrich Rudel, who was the highest decorated german soldier ever.

In this book you can find also a report of an Kaczmarek of Hans-Ulrich Rudel, who was decorated with the German cross in gold, an explicitly report of a men who was a repairman of some KC holders during the war and his affilication at the Stukageschwader "Immelmann", and you can find also a large biography of Friedrich Lang, who was decorated with the Knights cross with oak leaves and swords.

The book is in german, 155 pages, more than 100 unpublished photos and documents up to now, Paperback.

The price is 14,90 Euro + 3,00 Euro shipping in the EU and 5,00 Euro shipping worldwide.

More you can find under www.cimm.de
How'd they fit the title on the book cover :lol:

I might look into it. Be a great way to aid in my learning of that fine language
one day we will, you'll have to speak in german and all you'll know is "nien" and you'll looks stupid and i'll just sit and laugh hehe.........

and i can guess what your gonna say next...................

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