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"Aw heck". Thanks Bill and my thought go out to you Paul, its a hell of a thing to have to cope with. By the way, I love your hat and thanks Annie, you're a gem. :salute:
I've sent Paul a message or two and no response.
Then I have found he was admitted to the hospital for some drug treatments.
He is now suffering expected seizures related to his cancer.
He is home, it was a short stay.
I'm not entirely sure if this is the reason for no communication from him, but I am suspecting it is.
My wife made him a cloth hat, he had a photo taken in his Kangaroo, aka a Roo, hat.
Still has a dry sense of humor. I guess is why we get along.
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I only hope he's not suffering too much, it's something no one should have to bear.
Tell him he is missed so much here! Send my warmest regards to him.

Best wishes for him, and thank you for updating.
I haven't heard from Paul for a while so I sent off a mssg to his family.
"He's going down hill", using a walker now, he seems to be falling more.
Family is making sure there is someone with him at all times.

It's all I have to report for now
until I learn more.
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