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Thanks Bill and give him my regards too
I just lost my licence due to glaucoma so I know how he feels on that one.
It is a total bitch if you live miles from town like I do. Not moving tho.
Sorry to hear about that. I don't have Glaucoma but do have Cataracts that may require surgery in a few years.
You are lucky as Cataracts are minor surgery and they do large numbers daily even in third world countries and the failure rate is something like 1 in 100,000. In many third world countries the Fred Hollows Foundation Donate do them in bush villages in very primitive conditions and they still have a negligible failure rate. As Nuumannn will tell you Fred was a Kiwi and like so many successful Kiwis the Aussies like to claim him as theirs. You can have Russell Crowe back tho Nuumannn. Soon please.

Another reason I consider myself lucky is I have CLL Leukemia and when first diagnosed the hematologist said I would probably need chemo within two years and I needed an appointment every six weeks. My GP sent me to a dietitian who he said had a very high success rate in multiple diseases with those patients who actually obeyed her diets.

My diet is a bitch as most of what used to be my favourite foods are not permitted but 7 years on I see the hematologist once a year and the offending lymph node has shrunk from 28 mm to 11 mm (normal for that node is 10 +- 1 mm) and for the last five years all my blood tests have been in the normal healthy range. I am still stuck with the diet for life tho.

Now that I am "comfortable" with the diet the only down side is I am putting on weight - 6 kg in 7 years.

The biggest up side is no chemo. A friend about 25km away also has CLL and she swears she will never ever have chemo again. She is on a slightly different diet but is also putting on weight and looks far far better than she did when I first met her three years ago.
I would have given you bacon but it might be on your "no food" list
Bacon and seafood and all pure meats are unlimited. Sausages/salami/etc limited.
20 grams of carbs a day is the main problem - no clam chowder (that is what I miss most), flour, potatoes and other specified vegetables, pasta, milk, sugar, beer, mixed spirits, etc. No margarine (hated it anyway) but unlimited cream and butter. A minute amount of selected fruits (I have an orchard with over 100 fruit trees and vines :(:() and mainly leafy green vegetables and broccoli and cauliflower. And that is only about 1/4 of it. My wife is a gem.
It gets boring and is a bitch when I go to a restaurant and have to tell them to leave all x, y and z off the plate. What p155es me off is when I say no potato, salad only so they substitute with a big stack of chips/fries. No deserts except cheese (if I am hungry I will substitute an entree [starter in USA] like oysters or salad). Limited coffee. Surprisingly Papua New Guinea is the only country where they actually pay attention when you say 1/4 strength coffee (they usually bring you a cup, a jug of coffee and jug of hot water the first time and say mix your own then bring it how I like it from then on). I get very grumpy at one regular restaurant we go to "locally" because I always have to say take it back and pour 3/4 down the drain then fill with hot water. If the food was not so damn good I would go elsewhere.
Talked with Paul, aka Meatloaf, yesterday let him know there were people asking about him.
He says hello back and a thank you.
He sounds good, he is eating less, not much appeals to him, not even beer, down to 3 cans a day!!! :oops:!
Still building things and keeping his own self busy. He rides to town with his wife and just the going and coming home kinda wares him down.
The stubble on his chin and upper lip is growing, his head is missing out.
Till next time.
I've sent Paul a message or two and no response.
Then I have found he was admitted to the hospital for some drug treatments.
He is now suffering expected seizures related to his cancer.
He is home, it was a short stay.
I'm not entirely sure if this is the reason for no communication from him, but I am suspecting it is.
My wife made him a cloth hat, he had a photo taken in his Kangaroo, aka a Roo, hat.
Still has a dry sense of humor. I guess is why we get along.

I only hope he's not suffering too much, it's something no one should have to bear.
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