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Mar 21, 2005
I mean filthy rich. A multi-billionaire.

If you could afford any WWII operational aircraft and all required maintenance, what would you choose and why?
Me-262, Fw-190, Fw Dora and the last remaining Horten 229 for viewing only.

Ho-229, no explanation needed, the Fw-190 and Dora were such lovely planes and the Me-262 because I love the Me-262.
A nice Mosquito its peppy could carry a pax with luggage a fair range it probably has a better cockpit for instrument flying then a single seater
FW-190, beautiful plane to look at and fly. Legend in its time, a lot of great men flew those planes, I would lucky (and honored) to be able to connect or have something in common with those men.
-a lanc because i love them and would be able to fly in formation with the RAF once it's over from Canada
-a Meteor for quite gentle handling yet good speed plus looks
-a TBM Avenger for carrying the shopping
-a swordfish for those lazy sunday afternoons
-a spit for picking up the ladies
-a Fury/Tempest II for when i wanna be a bad boi racer...........
I would buy a Zero, Me-109, P-51, and a Spitfire. Get them combat worthy. Load them with paintballs Then I would have a the most pointless dog fight in the history of stupid.

That and I would visit some guys who gave me a tough time in highschool.

"OMG, What happened to my car." "Oh, wow those are some nice planes in the sky"
PZL P-23 Karas and PZL P-37 Los - because, no one of these planes hasn't existed yet and
they are the important part of the Polish Air Force history.
Fw 190 - as Hunter368 wrote. Besides, to shoot down Mastoras and his idea.:lol:
I'd purchase an F4F wildcat, take flying lessons, then fly it. The wildcat may not be the best plane, but I like it's design and the fact that it held it's own against the zero. Also I'd go for an ME-262, and a C-47 or B-25 whichever easier to handle and can comfortably seat my friends.
Ohh a Ju 87G - for traffic jams - nice and slow so i can see their faces - but then i would also want a bit of siren to add to the squeeky bum feeling so i would have to go back to a D for the dive bombing!
First and foremost, I'd have a Whirlwind built to flyable standard, or maybe a squadron of them...

There are none surviving, so it would be a job from scratch.

Then it would be a Typhoon: only one survivor and that one is improperly restored (wrong upper cowling, spinner, wheel covers and a few other pieces). I'd have to get a Sabre II production line up as well... after all, you need the Tyffies youngs, friskier sister up in the air as well. I'd love to see a Tempest and a Typhoon on the wing together.

Then a Mossie built to flyable standard, Mk XVI with a bulged belly and high alt Merlin 71s for preferance.

Finally a Ki-61 Hein, just because they look very cool.
A PBY! Why?!?

I would fly to places where scantly clothed women could be found along tropical coastlines sunbathing on the beaches or on the decks of boats. :evil4:
I've known FLYBOYJ likes beer and girls( maybe the sequence is not proper):lol:

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