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May 27, 2006
Hi, everyone.
I'm blacksheep1, an Air Force brat whose parents both served: Dad from 1968-1998, Mom from 1969-1974. Grandpa served in the Army Air Corps, other Grandpa served in the Army Air Force until it switched to the reg. Air Force.
I joined this forum to see if I could learn any information about a particular plane I'm constantly drawn to at the Wright-Patterson AFB Museum here in Dayton, Ohio. The name of the plane is the Strawberry B*tch. If anyone can tell me anything about this plane, I'd appreciate it! I think she's a B-24, but I'm not sure. She has no ball turret, only side guns, a nose gun, and a top turret. All the photos we take of her come out blurred and you can't even tell you're looking at a plane. Sure would appreciate any help!

Here ya go.....

The B-24D-160-CO (S/N 42-72843) "Strawberry Bit*h flew combat missions from North Africa in 1943-44 with the 512th Bomb Squadron. The aircraft was named, in part, because of the pinkish-tinted paint. It did NOT take part, however, in one of the most famous missions, the huge raid on the oil refinery complex at Ploesti, Romania on August 1, 1943.


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a 12th AF rig correct or at least at the time before a transfer to a B-24 unit in the 15th out of Italy, pink desert camo removed to olive-drab and finally all over aluminum to make them stand out to Luftwaffe a/c . . . 8)

might want to go to

join up and look through old postings under heavy bombers as the information is there . . . . .

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