Most Devastating Attacker

Most Devastating Single Seat, Single Engine Attacker

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Ok it's up. And while it can seem suprising I didn't add the P-38, well it already won the prize for best two engine fighter on here, and I wanted to limit the results. I didn't include the Apache A-36 either. Not many would vote for it.

Sorry Comiso, but If I included the bombers the list would get too long. It's already longer than I had originally planned.
Ahhh Haaa. I get the first vote. Gotta go with my beloved Corsair. Fast, tough, versitile, wide variety of ordinance, plus......I like that plane the best. So there!!!
Mine went to the Hawker Typhoon MK IB .

Reason over the Tempest was simply based on numbers of aircraft that saw operational service between the two types.

Typhoon MK IB

4 x 20mm cannon.

8 x 60 lb rockets.

THAT is going to make your eyes water when it hits you.
The F4U-4 is IMO the best overall fighter-bomber in addition to the best overall prop-driven fighter of WWII.

It was (unlike the glass-nosed Tempests and Typhoons) radial-engined, ensuring its toughness, it could take-off from a carrier, it could still climb better than any Jug, Typhoon or P-51, it also had 8x 5" HVAR's, it had 3 hardpoints for bombs and/or drop tanks, its wing loading was one of the lightest of all high performance American planes, and it was fast... VERY fast.

The F4U-4 Corsair gets my vote!
So do you think I should have included two engine, two seat aircraft?

Does anybody want a new poll with a P-38, Mossie, Sturmovik, B-25, Avenger, Ju 88, Hesnchel, ect in it? Or is too redudant to other polls the Warbird Forum already has?

We have already a best bomber poll and threads, but some think that one has way too many kinds of bombers. Too hard to compare a Mossie to a Superfortress.
That's another thing I was uncertain. I guess it's more a poll about destructive firepower of small fighter/bombers. Which was the best for destroying things on air and ground double quick?

The FW-190 A-8 was devastating on bombers, and the FW 190 F-8 was devastating on ground troops. So I included both types.

The Typhoon, with a firepower like a destroyer, could hit anything flying or rolling with a blast.

But if everybody would like a new poll, I'll do one and include the two engine bombers, jets, and more.
"But, can you carry as much ammo with 8 guns compared to 6? I know that you get more hitting power with more guns, but who'd run out of ammo first?"

Yes. Each gun of the P-47 has a separate capacity for a maximum of 425 rounds.

The Corsair, as I recall, has 400 per gun except for the two outboard ones which are 375.
from syscom3...Eight .50's beats six .50's in any fight!

How many rounds of .50 would it take to take out another single engine aircraft as opposed to 20mm cannon or rockets?

My pick was split between Typhoon and Tempest because of their firepower.
Here's a ground attack "Juggernaut." Two 1,000lb bombs, one 500lb bomb, ten HVAR rockets and eight .50 cal machine guns.



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