My Sons First Skydiving Jump...

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I had to wait 18 years, but I finally got my son to jump out of an airplane... (His mother is a bit over the top)

The pics were taken with a helmet cam, as well as some video too.... He jumped from 14,000 feet, and he was hooked in tandem with my buddy Kevin, who was a Golden Knight...

My back is acting up since my last trip down south, so i didnt jump...

The ground vid was shot from my pals digicam...


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Les, sorry ta tell ya, but I'm pretty sure the general forum populace doesn't much care enough for a thread...

Still cool though - I'd do skydiving if I was 16 or 18, whatever the requisite age is...
I'm pretty sure the general forum populace doesn't much care enough for a thread...
But since I care enough, a thread there shall be... And since its in the Off Topic Section, the subject is moot....

And besides the point, I think there are some cool pics there that not many get the chance to ever see... Consider it me enlightening the community......
yeah i don't see a problem with this thread, it's great that les is proud of his son........

and i'd love to do something like that, i take it he enjoyed it??
Houghah! I'd wish to jump like yur son, mate! I've never jumped and I'm 20! (Only from 2nd stair :lol:)

Your first jump is always a thrill, one of those things that you never forget. To anyone who has dreamed of having a go, do it. I did it as soon as I could and never regretted it

My son was a great reader of sailing ship stories and for his 21st Birthday we bought him a transatlantic voyage on tall ship. So he has had to go up the rigging at night, when the weather was bad, to haul in the sails by hand.
Its similar to parachuting, it was a dream and he can truly say that he did it, he had a whale of a time and has bored us to death since he returned.
In case your wondering, he was seasick for two and a half days before he got used to the motion.
Top marks went to a girl called Sarah from Texas who came to the UK to take part, she had never been to sea before.
Very cool Les! I see he jumped from a Twin Otter - I work on them at the Air Force Academy.

I congrats to him! The folks from he academy offered me a tandem jump - I'm hoping to do that real soon.

I think anything you want to put in the Off-Topic posts id fine with me, and if its about your boy, all the better!

I've flown in airplanes and jets where I had to wear a chute. God forbid I had to jump - wouldn't know what the hell to do! :oops:
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
I would not want to do a static jump. You get blown around and thent he shoot opens. No fun.

Your right, it's not fun. In fact I was scared sh*tless when I did my jumps whilst I was in the Army.
I thought about going to Airborne School but I decided that my knees were more important to me, especially when they all ready screwed up. So I will stick to flying rather than jumping, but then again now from flying over a thousand hours my back is screwed up now!
"Sometimes it amazes me that the whole crew is still alive LOL..."

-Me too, LOL! I'm sometimes wonderng that I'm still alive... I've done so many shitty-things (like jumping from one skycraper to another, jumping with a giant sun-umbrella from 10th stair, etc, etc, etc...)


DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
I would not want to do a static jump. You get blown around and thent he shoot opens. No fun.

Stupid question #192847 : What do you mean by "static jump" ? The kind of jump made in the Airborne with the big round and white chute ?

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