No More Ladies Threads.

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
We don't want 'em here anymore. That's it. You want to look at booty, go to a porn site. We're done with it. Have a nice day. 8)
Maestro said:
Okay, I think I've missed an episode... What's happened ? :-s
Nothing happened. It's just the new company policy. We're not pissed at anyone or anything like that, we've all posted there before, it's just a decision that the admins finally came to.

CC we can't double the standard, now can we? ;)
cheddar cheese said:
Can we still have men threads? ;)

Geez did I miss men on here??????????????????????????

You see lads it like the corporate jeans, one person turns up to work with their arse hanging out of their jeans, then someone else thinks.... oh I will wear my jeans that have a big hole in the arse and knee. Suddenly.....all jeans are banned from the work place, because a few 'Nutters' cross the line with their arse holes and others such obvious stupidity.
Only then does everone kick off about the new corporate standard on what clothes you can and can't wear for work. YET If they had pulled their low IQ work mates in to check in the first place....instead of jumping on the band waggon, thinking it was cool ( not thinking it through), then everyone would still be able to wear jeans.

I myself have a pair of jeans with holes in them..... but I know where and when to wear them.
GET IT !!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Hmmm... Look at what I found on the X-Wing Community Forum. I like the way the admin thinks...


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Come share your tall tales of battles, lost loves, and whatever else your writing pen has put down on paper.(IE Fanfiction)

Be a show off to your heart's content. Whether it be game models, still renders, or even real life models, your pictures are welcome here. Bibs available on request.

Mos Eisley
Back by popular demand. No moderation, but remember this is meant more to be a no holds barred discussion forum more than a porn sharing center.(But you can use it as that too.) Rated: IWYYSAP.(I Warned You You Stupid Ass Parents.) Note: Due to the unmoderated nature of these forums, the content therein is not the responsibility of X-wing Legacy, the site, or its owner. Once again you've been warned.

But naturally, you're not forced to do the same thing. ;)
If I want to look at boobs and beavers, I will go find that on another site. I'm here to talk about airplanes and WWII. There are more than plenty of places to find porn on the web, whatever your fancy, even if it involves surgical tubing, a yak and a ski mask.

*DISCLAIMER: The above was an attempt at comedy and does not reflect the sexual preferences of the poster.


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When was I flirting :oops:

Sunny... in this counrty when you reach 60 you get a 'Bus Pass' for cheap public transport, as you are considered an 'Old Age Pensioner' . You only have three years to go to get one mate. Seems odd then that a man of your age likes to spend so much time posting nude pics of VERY young girls. Do they not have any reasonable looking women in your age bracket in your Counrty honey?

Just a question....keep your hair on (oops :lol: ).

Anyone got a nice over 40s gal to post for Sunny (not nude..... though I am sure they would be just as beautiful....if not better)
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