Really? Kids singing a song praising Obama.

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I'll keep it non-political Adler :lol:
Here in Holland, kids at school sing every year on Queen's day how they love our queen. I don't see this any different. Why any-one should send death-threads to the school is really beyond me. I guess it's what the world has become to.

Hehe, well Marcel, to quote my grandpa, "the world is going to h@ll in a handbasket." Course he was a cop in the sixties, so I don't know how much worse it could get (hope this isn't political).
The teacher and the school administration (if they had prior knowledge about this...) deserve to be severely reprimanded. Not because the song was in praise of Obama per se, but because partisan political advocacy, like religious advocacy, have no place in the public school system.

That said, to equate a single incident to the actions of the Nazis and other totalitarian states seems to be a bit of an over-reaction. And those who made death threats (if this actually happened) need to be brought to justice and punished.

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Politics of any kind, especially with young children, needs to be kept out of the public schools.

Our local HS has "Amnesty International" as an activity/group that the students can join. Makes me crazy.

Holy crap! That's goin a bit far....AI trawling colleges, I can understand. HS is still a bit early for that sort of thing.

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