SBD Dauntless Picts

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Mar 24, 2004
Start the thread and I will provide some pics I've taken of the SBD when its up in the air at the Chino airshows

I'd love to take you up on your offer syscom3 :D


john ernst
I posted a couple of them in the SBD discussion group, but I promised you some, so here they are.

Sorry for the poor quality, but there was early morning haze when I took them.

Im going back through my albums to see if I can scan anymore of them. I think I did take one back in the 80's when the SBD was just restored, but no paint. The folks at Chino decided to fly it anyway. It was a real crowd pleaser.


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True. Camarillo usually clears by late morning for their show (Late august). But there have been crummy weather years. The thing I don't like about Chino is the smell. But they have an awesome collection of warbirds, so you can put up with it. ;)
I posted this pix in the other SBD thread, but in case someone hasnt seen it, here it is.

I caught all three primary USN carrier aircraft from 1942, all warming up prior to taxing for takoff for the mornings fly by. I think its pretty unique (by my standards).

F4F, SBD and TBM.

The sound of the three of them was magnificent.

This was the Chino air show, 2005. Unlike the prior years, we had excellent airshow weather right from sunrise. No haze or smog!

As orientation of the pix, we are looking south-southwest. The city of Corona is right at the base of the moutains. If you keep going over the mountains, you go into central Orange County.


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I found a couple more SBD pix.

I was going to post them in my new Chino pix thread, but figured, what the heck. They deserve to be in here.

With a little bit of sun and blue sky, it sure looks a lot better.


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