Silly phrases in foreign languages

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I do, but I also believe that the military was influencing him quite a bit. I dont think he is the only one to blame, hell everyone there is to blame in my opinion.
To be honest I dont know about that. We did let the Russians in Kosovo. They took over Pristina Airport and the area on the other side of our sector. Can not remember the name of the area however it was in the Scriptie Valley (probably spelled that way wrong). We would fly sometimes to the Russian areas and the people were scared and frightened. We would try and talk to them and you could see that they were being beaten by the Russian Soldiers. However you go to the US, British/Canadian, German, and French sectors they were not scared and frightened. We actually had great success with the people in Kosovo the times that I was there.
The reason of ethnic cleansing there wasn't Milosević or gotovina or anyone......... The reason is the difference between religions. Allways the same point......
don't smoke!
Nonskimmer said:
Geeeez, sorry guys! I only wanted a cigarette, not to spark off a debate! :lol:

Just for the fun of it I am going to make a well thought out guess of what your brand is.

1. You are in The Canadian Navy hense Canadian Forces meaning low pay :cry:

2. But you work on a Submarine so might get some sort of Hazourd pay. :D , but then again there is always the risk of getting killed in an accident (such as leaving the hatch open while submerging) :rolleyes:

3. Yet again you are Canadian citizen meaning you are is way overtaxed. :evil:

4. But then again you could always buy your smokes at the Native Reserve. :idea:

5. Then again you are a Poor oppressed Maritimer with provincial debts up the wazoo ;)

With all that in mind I am guessing you smoke discount brands such as

Number 7,Peter Jackson, Canadian Classics,Macdonalds or that horrible Eastern crap 'Putters'

Just kidding about all that, but actually I am kinda curious.
You havent heard of Putters? I guess they only sell them in Ontario then.

I lived in Sarnia for two years, I lived right near Ipperwash, good thing I got outta there before "The Incident"
I smoked from the time I was 15 until I got back from Iraq in Febraury. Actually March is when I quit. I smoke either Marlboro "Reds", Winston "Reds", Gouloues (probably spelled that wrong it is a French brand), Benson and Hedges or Lucky Strikes with the filter. Like I said I have quite smoking cigarettes but every once in a while I smoke a good Cuban or Dominican Cigar with a nice whiskey just for pure pleasure.
Exporta Red, that my brand, its pretty strong, but pretty good, I think I might have one right now.................................mmmmm good stuff, I wonder why they dont put nutritional facts on the side of the pack, theyre doing it for Pepsi now.

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