What a freakazoid!

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Oh my freakin' God :rofl: Lucky I delayed my evening coffee until later :lol: He must have had a really messed up childhood ;) You gotta feel sorry for his parents :lol:
Okay, let's take them one by one...

The Peter Pan guy, is it only me or does he looks like a freaking fag doubled with an idiot ? I've seen a lot of weird things (as a security officer), but THIS is ridiculous.

The Eugene-what-ever should see a good psychiatrist.

And the "Humanity killers", three words : Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot ? (or "WTF" for the ones who aren't famillar with radio alphabet). I'm agreeing with them on a point : wars and natural disasters (as said Darwin (I think it was him)) are nessessary for "planetary balance". However, volunteer stoping to have childrens for THAT reason is stupid ! In other words, do what you want, nature (or human nature) will take care of the rest.

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