What Do Your Usernames Mean?

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2996 Victor

Feb 25, 2023
Barlborough, UK
Being originally from just outside Taunton in Somerset, and having a lifelong interest in trains as well as planes, as a family we would often visit the West Somerset Railway which began to be reopened in 1976.

The nascent heritage line relied on three locomotives in its early years, Pannier Tank 6412 (the "Flockton Flyer" - anyone remember the TV series?) and the two remaining WG Bagnall "New Standard 18-inch" Class 0-6-0STs, 2994 Vulcan and 2996 Victor. The third loco of the class, 2995 Valiant, succumbed early to a wasted firebox and was scrapped in 1967.

After leaving the WSR, Victor went to the Strathspey Railway, and then to the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway, where she currently resides.

Here's a slightly bigger version of my avatar photo:
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Feb 19, 2023
London, UK
My name is essentially a title of a poem written by a 15th century Vietnamese poet, Nguyễn Trãi. I just couldn't really think of any good usernames.
"A plough and a spade, that's all.
A row of chrysanthemums, and orchids,
A place to plant beans: That's all I need.
Friends come, birds sing, and flowers wave: Welcome!
The moon walks with me when I fetch water for tea.
Old Po Yi stayed pure and stayed happy,
Yen-tzu stayed poor and liked it.
Let the world buzz,
I need no praise, I am deaf to laughter."

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