What is the best driving music?

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Have you seen the 'Oo live? Its a life changing experiance !!
I've seen them at Charlton Atheltic, Wembley and Hyde Park.

Long live rock


No, there is a price for living near Northern fringes of Europe. But I have seen some recordings in TV. So I can believe You.

Can't really call any Who songs driving songs but instead how about Deep Purple Highway Star or ZZTOP Lagrange

I have no recollection on ZZTop's track but thumbs up to Highway Star. Deep Purple was around in ealy 70s and Fireball was the 2nd LP I bought.

Oooo, the 'Oo; I used to have one of those Union Jack Tee shirts with The Who written on it; I was the biz! Listening to Cream's greatest hits in the car at the moment, real quality rockin' blues. Not hard to understand why they were considered the first super group.

Cream were the first supergroup. Clapton is astonishing in concert. So much talent.
Hi Juha and other classic music lovers, yep, Cream floats my boat right now, but one of my all time favourite albums is Machine Head by Deep Purple. Excellent. Not just because it has Smoke on the Water on it, but because every track is a winner. Still stands the test of time today.
Another point is how long the road is and how busy it is ,if I'm driving in a city there is no such thing as driving music

Oh, I don't know...in congested England with speed cameras every 10 miles we can still have a singsong in the car... it passes the time in the traffic jams.
Its all in the mind. I may be in a Ford Focus on the M25 but, in my mind I'm in a Mustang on route 66.
Honestly Officer, I have not been drinking !!
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