What is the best driving music?

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Guess it might seem completely weird but I don't listen to published music when rolling. There's nothing I haven't heard countless times and have grown tired of, or emerging stuff I don't like. Being a long time acoustic guitar musician I will record stuff and listen to it for ways to improve my chops but I've been a main-stream music stranger for eons now. Now, books on tape is something I will listen to.
I like hard chargin' rock when hitting the freeway, like Joe Satriani's Flying in a Blue Dream. But I like good Jazz for it as well, like T-Square's Megalith. For long drives, I may put on some piano music like Wayne Gratz or George Winston or something a bit more laid back, including some classical.

While I like CDs and albums, it is noce to be able to fit a lot of music on a tiny compact device that I can plug into the car and have enough music to drive from coast to coast without any repeats. It's a lot safer when driving to just hit the shuffle button to move on to the next song if you aren't in the mood for one that starts than to dig around for another CD.
I have made some compilations myself from the CDs (yes, no MP3s) I have. The most played one at the moment is film music, score music from Armageddon, Mummy Returns, Stargate etc. The other favourite is a Western theme collection: Silverado, Hang 'em High, Lonesome Dove etc.

I have also other compilations ranging from Ensiferum to Red Army Choir to Eurovision Songs.

My current cell ringtone is the JAG Theme and my wake up alarm tune is Hatikvah...
I must be nuts!!!! I'm 44 and I mostly listen to Dean Martin . Nostalgia music mostly. This from a fella who listened to Doors, Led Iron Maiden in high school.......maybe the hash mellowed me out.
Bridge of Towers is a great album, my I4 has everything from Etta James to zz top,from some of the 40's,50's to Rammstein, it's all good if it moves you.
I've finally discovered Pink Floyd :oops: , and love listening to it while in the car. 'Dark Side Of The Moon,' what an album! For some reason, my hand likes turning the volume up a lot :lol:
I've finally discovered Pink Floyd :oops: , and love listening to it while in the car. 'Dark Side Of The Moon,' what an album! For some reason, my hand likes turning the volume up a lot :lol:

I'm with you there, man.8) I've recently been getting into some real early Floyd from Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Saucerful of Secrets. That early stuff'll blow your mind! Listen to the title track to Saucerful at full volume when driving down the highway! When I lived in the UK I scored a bootleg of their Live at Pompeii gig before it came out on video/dvd. Still one of my favourites of theirs in terms of atmosphere...
When I travel from my town to the town I work in(3hrs), I listen to '40s on 4, SiriusXM. Kinda fitting for this site but I love the big band sound.
The only tunes by Floyd that I like for driving, are cuts from Division Bell or Momentary Lapse of reason...and those are for the long stretches, especially at night.

Dunno about that; I do a lot of night driving (shift worker here -home from work anywhere between 1am and 5am) and I have to say you are limiting yourself with regards to Floydian atmosphere. Just for a trick, try Atom Heart Mother one night. It has been rated as one of the worst Floyd albums made, but it's a real hoot to drive to.
Aaaah, Roger Waters at his most vitriolic! Music to slash your wrists by!:twisted:

Glad you brought up Roger Waters. A workmate recommended the album 'Amused To Death' to me. My favourite track from there is "It's A Miracle"

Best Floyd track for me has to be "Time." Really enjoy cranking up the volume on that one!

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