What was the best Flying boat in WWII?

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The H8K Emily had it all over the Sunderland.


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Specs for H8K:

Type: Reconnaissance and attack flying boat
Origin: Kawanishi
Crew: N/A
Allied Code Name: Emily
Models: H8K1 H8K2, Type 2
First Flight: Late 1940
Service Delivery: H8K1: August 1941
Final Delivery: N/A
Production: 167

H8K1, Model 11:
Model: Mitsubishi Kasei 12
Type: 14-cylinder two-row radial engine
Number: Four Horsepower: 1,530 hp

H8K1, Model 12:
Model: Mitsubishi Kasei 22
Type: 14-cylinder two-row radial engine
Number: Four Horsepower: 1,850 hp

Wing Span: 38m (124 ft. 8 in.)
Length: 28.1m (92 ft. 3.5 in.)
Height: 9.15m (30 ft. 0.25 in.)
Wing Area: N/A

Empty (H8K1): 15,440 kg (34,000 lb)
Empty (H8K2): 18,380 kg (40,500 lb)
Loaded (H8K1): 31,000 kg (68,343 lb)
Loaded (H8K2): 32,500 kg (71,650 lb)
Max. Speed (H8K1): 433 km/h (270 mph)
Max. Speed (H8K2): 454 km/h (282 mph)
Initial Climb: 1,575 ft/min (480 m/min)
Service Ceiling: 8,770m (28,800 ft.)
Max. Range (Typical): 4800 km (3,000 miles)
Max. Range (Overload): 7200 km (4,474 miles)

Five 20mm cannon in power driven turrets in nose,
dorsal tail turrets.
Three 7.7mm machine guns manually aimed from beam
and ventral rear windows.

One 20mm cannon and one 12.7mm machine gun, both
manually aimed

Bomb Load:
Racks under inner wings for two torpedoes or other
ordnance up to 4,410 lb. (2000 kg)

Avionics: N/A

H8K1: 17
H8K2: 114
H8K2-L: 36

H8K2-L: Transport Version


Designed in response to a 1938 specification for a replacement for the Kawanishi H6K, the result was the H8K. Comprising the single greatest leap in flying boat technology, the H8K was the most advanced flying boat of WWII and for many years after the war.
In service 24-hour long patrols were typical. In fact, their first sortie was to have been a bombing raid on Oahu, Hawaii, with a stop for refueling by submarine. The mission was aborted due to weather over the target.


From other bits I have read about the H8K, it was a very good plane.
Not bad at all. I do not know how it would compare to the Cat and Sunderland though. My personal favourite fly boat has always been the Bv-238, Incidentally the largest plane to fly during the war.

Were there any Italian flying boats? I know of some of their seaplanes but I wasnt sure about flying boats. The Sm.55 was the closest I know of :lol:


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