Which aircraft logged the.....

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That's kind of vague. If you think about it, bomber missions were longer in duration so there were probably fewer missions. Fighters and attack aircraft typically had shorter range (although that varied wildly) so they would have fewer hours but more missions. Also are you talking about WWII only, or WWII and beyond?
In the ETO

P-38 = 130,000 sorties
P-51 = 214,000
P-47 = 404,000?

I'll try to confirm those if I can remember where I picked them up at.

The PTO is harder because records destruction was not uncommon.

If I were to guess though it would be the bf-109 with 36,000 +/- built and multiple sorties/day for most of the war. part of this is determined by planes produced/available ie.

P-38s 10,000+/- over the duration of the war used simultaniously in all theaters (except Russian),

P-51 15,000+ built from 43-45 Primarily used in the ETO. Started spreading out in late 44

P-47 16,000+ built 42-45 primarily used in the ETO but spread out earlier than the P-51.

bf-109 36,000+ from 37 to 45 primarily ETO but also MTO.

Spitfire 22,000+ from 39 to 47? (I saw these numbers in an Airforce Identification book I had in the 70's. I'd die for it now 3D pics. and up to date official specs. Priceless) PTO, ETO, MTO.

I think only 4 fighters were built the entire war P-38, bf-109, Spitfire and Zero.
Well, I reckon it must be the legendary DH Mosquito [naturally], but I'll have to go and check that out.....as there was only 7,781 of them made, and since May '43, the Benson-based PR's and 8th AF F-8's did 3,000 sorties alone by the year's end....even though PR's, they had a bomb-bay and were doing it FOR the bombers...... :lol:


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213 is alot of missions for any single aircraft. Either serious luck or divine intervention, or both was involved. Several American bomber aircraft were sent home after surviving x number of missions for war bonds drives, like the "Memphis Belle" after 25 and "Squawkin Hawk" after 50. I would think it was most likely a B-17, but I could be wrong. So far, the highest total on a B-17 I have found on a quick look at my files shows B-17G 42-31909 "Nine O Nine" fuselage code OR-R (91st BG, 323rd BS) based at Bassingbourn. It flew 140 missions, and interestingly, never lost a crew member. I will keep digging, I think there was a higher mission count B-17, but the highest may not be a B-17.
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The IL2 had 36,000+ built, perhaps thats in for contention?
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So to rephrase the question again
Which individual aircraft completed the most bombing missions of WW2? As i said before i think there are two in the frame. One is the above Mosquito, but the other is.........?
Med, R5868 isn't the highest scoring lanc, it's in third according to a very reliable source:-

Serial No.: ED888
Total Op's: 139
Nick Name : None Traced
Service History: 103 Sqn PM-M, PM-M2, 576 Sqn UL-V2, UL-M2, 103 Sqn PM-?, 10 MU
Fate: Survived the war Scrapped 8 January 1947

Serial No.: LM274
Total Op's: 138
Nick Name : None Traced
Service History: 61 Sqn QR-F
Fate: Survived the war Scrapped 16 April 1946

Serial No.: R5868
Total Op's: 136
Nick Name : Devils of the Air
Service History: 83 Sqn OL-Q, 467 Sqn PO-S
Fate: On public display at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, England

source- www.lancasterarchive.com

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