Worlds Greatest Bass Player...

Worlds Greates Bass Guitarist...

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He may no longer be with us but Cliff Burton was and is the greates Bassist ever! The man was a musical genious. Just listen to For Whom The Bell Tolls on Metallica's Ride the Lightning.
Lead bass - Geddy Lee. But there are so many others too. I'll give a quick response since I don't think I could make a single choice of "world's greatest".

Geddy Lee

Followed by...

Roger Waters
Keith Emerson
Stu Hamm
Les Claypool
Do you think that there is a bassist forum that has a poll for the "Best Warbird"?
Jason is a great bass player, but I dont think he is near the best. Rob Trujillo is certainly a better technical bassist and I like his playing style more.

By the way Les you need to add Rob Trujillo to the list, even if he does not get any votes he certainly is one of the best of all times and his work with Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy and Metallica makes him a worthy mention.
I added both, however, this is the worlds greatest, not favorite, and as much as I like both guys, neither one of them are even close to the top 10...

But I added them both...

I dunno m8, never heard of Ben Shepherd but I'm sure he's good, but John Deacon has done some really great licks in his time m8 8)

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