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The Worlds Greatest Guitarist...

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They're all great, but I have to put Jerry Cantrell because I love the rough Grunge style. What 'bout Mike Mcready!?
Well, Jerry Cantrell is the greatest in my opinion - and in a lot of other people's too since he was voted best a few times. Let's be honest though, they're all amazing - better than me anyway.

Nokie Edwards is universally recognized as one of the world's premier guitarists. He was born Nole Edwards in 1935 in Lahoma, Oklahoma, hence the nickname, "Nokie" which was given to him by his father, Elbert. Nokie's mother, Nannie, was a Native American Cherokee, and Nokie is proud of his Cherokee heritage.
Nokie lives in Oregon with his wife Judy. They have four children from previous marriages. Nokie had two girls (Tina and Kim) and Judy two boys (Patrick and Seth). They lost Kim to a car accident in 1988. There are six grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Judy Edwards is president of the Nokie Edwards Official USA Fan Club.

Nokie's Roots
Nokie learned how to play guitar at the age of five; by the age of eleven he could play all string instruments. He turned professional at the age of twelve when he performed on a country station in Idaho. Nokie's family then moved to Washington State where he played regularly at community fairs and festivals, including landing the coveted role as a featured performer at the historical "Ezra Meeker Days" festival in Puyallup Washington. When Nokie turned seventeen, he went to Oregon were he played in dance halls. His guitar virtuosity was unmatched and unprecedented; he was making $300.00 a week while others were making $75.00 a week. Before eighteen he was given a raise to $350.00 a week. For the next few years Nokie was a welcome regular on the regional music circuit, his star appeal ascended immensely.

From 1956 to 1960 Nokie served his country as a member of the U.S. Army Reserves, receiving his training in Ft. Orr, California and in Ft. Bliss, Texas, and then as member of the National Guard in Washington. When he returned to Tacoma, Washington in 1957, his magnificence as a guitarist enabled him to become an integral part of the Tacoma music scene. Buck Owens, the country music artist and pioneer of the "Bakersfield Sound," asked Nokie to join his band. Nokie spent the next year playing with Buck Owens at clubs and on radio and television. An added highlight would be when the Grand Ol' Opry's road shows came to the Northwest and they would need a lead guitar player. They would call Buck Owens for a lead guitarist and Buck would send Nokie to play lead for the shows. Through Owens, Nokie met a number of other country music entertainers such as Ferlin Husky, Lefty Frizzell, Justin Tubb, Dale Woods, Benny Martin, and many more.

From 1959 with The Ventures
In 1959, while Nokie was playing lead guitar for Buck Owens, he was approached by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle, a couple of guitarists from Washington. They asked Nokie to join them in forming a band which later became known as The Ventures (a band that went on to become the most popular rock instrumental band in history). The group's first single was a remake of guitarist Chet Atkins' 'Walk Don't Run,' which was written by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith. The tune was released in 1960 on Josie Wilson's Blue Horizon label and garnered a lot of requests in the Seattle area. The group then signed with Dolton Records which was owned by Bob Reisdorff. Dolton later became a subsidiary of Liberty Records, and 'Walk Don't Run' was released nationally, with the tune peaking at #2 on the charts. The Ventures followed up the hit single with an album appropriated entitled "Walk Don't Run". While touring with The Ventures, Nokie played lead on many famous hits that were recorded by Nokie and The Ventures by such as 'Hawaii 5-O' , 'Fugitive', '2000 Pound Bee', 'Yellow Jacket', 'Hokkaido Skies', 'Driving Guitars', 'Surf Rider' (also known as 'Spudnik',) 'Moon Child', 'Pedal Pusher', 'Sleep Walk', 'Let's Go',' Slaughter on Tenth Avenue', 'Wipe Out', and 'Pipeline', to name a few.

Nokie left The Ventures in 1968 and moved back to Washington to pursue his interest in horse racing, and to further his solo career playing and writing all styles of music. Nokie returned to play lead for The Ventures from 1972 to 1984, and also played in other bands when The Ventures were not touring. Nokie performed with Lefty, David, and Allan Frizzell on Lefty's last engagement in Tacoma before his untimely death in 1975. In 1985, Nokie briefly joined the band of the country duo Frizzell West, which featured David Frizzell and Shelly West, who were known for their many hits including, 'You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma'.

Nokie Today
Nokie still tours Japan performing with The Ventures, and also tours with them in the US when he is needed. One particular tour in Japan took in 108 concerts in only 78 days, and when Nokie and The Ventures arrived in 1965, an estimated 10,000 people showed up at the Tokyo airport to welcome Nokie and The Ventures: Japan's Beloved Guitar Invaders! Nokie also tours the US, UK, Italy, Canada, as well as Japan twice a year with his own tour. Nokie's capacity for touring and the drawing record crowds is something for the history books.

In 2002, Nokie started a new guitar company: HitchHiker Guitars. Nokie put his knowledge of 55 years of mastering the guitar into a beautiful instrument. The guitar has great sustain; there are fifteen variations of tones by using the tone control in conjunction with the switches. The word is out that the guitar has an identifiable sound - its own "signature" sound. Once you hear a HitchHiker guitar you know the name because you never forget the distinctive sound. Nokie takes great pride in quality. He spared no expense in building this high tech, high quality guitar built by a true master guitar player, Nokie Edwards.

The reason why I threw this up here it to give recognition to this guy and his band as being one of the most under-rated guitarists and bands in rock and roll history. Many of the people on this pole got their inspiration the first time they heard "Walk Don't Run" and "Perfidia" blare out on a reverb radio. I've seen these guys 3 times and they are ageless.
Well I know this is not about favorite or greatest but when it comes to my music and who influenced me in my bands I have to go with Kirk Hammett who is my favorite and also for me the greatest heavy metal guitarist of all time and therefore for me the greatest.
Ooops sorry about that. As I said I voted Kirk because to me he is the greatest but Steve Vai taught Kirk and is probably the best.

Satch taugh Kirk actually and Satch taught Vai.

I went Satch for the fact his tone is very bluesy and he doesnt over play things. It was a hard choice though as vai is immensely brillant and so too Petruccti.

You are missing Paul Gilbert and anyone familar with Racer X or Mr Big will know this bloke is a machine.

Theres too many to list really. A few years ago i would have voted Kirk Hammett but not anymore. Hes had some good solos but moves around the pentatonic scale too much for my liking. Still metallica are my favourite band:D

I am shredder if it doesnt show already.:lol:
Heinz make a good point about Paul Gilbert. If you don't know him, go to Youtube and search for him. I'm not sure if anyone does shreds faster and better than Yngwie. Ok, Paul is faster, but not better.

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