Worlds Greatest Rock Roll Band...

Worlds Greatest Rock Roll Band...

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For me it is Metallica! The greatest band in the world and the band that influenced me the most. I have seen them 9 times since 1989 and they are the greatest band in the world.
No groaning from me. Zep established my love for rock. But I'm gonna have to think about "world's greatest" and "rock". That's gonna require some more thought.
Sorry if I seem double-posting, but you're missing The Experience, Jimi Hendrix's original band.
Ok... I've taken the best band from each decade starting with the sixties then divided that with the genre that they perfected added the best from each country and interspersed that with the difference between girl bands, boy bands and hair bands, mixed in best singer, best guitar and best roadie then compared them to Sinatra and combined album cover art with tonal quality and mayonaise and I get......

The Ruggles!!
Beatles: they are the Bible of rock, even Dylan admitted it...
Although being a generation too young I discovered them late: my memories start with Genesis, Pink Floyd, CSN&Y, The Band, Jefferson Airplane (and related Starship, Hot tuna etc.) , Allmann Brothers, Nitty Gritty (yes, I also like country rock!), Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Frank Zappa Mother of Inventions, before I steered in the English-Gaelic-Irish folk.

And Jacques Brel, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Fabrizio de Andre' as chansonniers.

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