Worlds Greatest Rock Roll Singer...

Worlds Greatest Rock Roll Singer...

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Sorry, Dan. Man, it'd be hard between Layne Staley (so unique) and Chris Cornell. But since Cornell is the better range, I've voted myself into hell... :|
Well I voted for Chris Cornell but James Hetfield is my favorite singer and allways will be.

James Hetfield and Metallica baby!!!!!

But as I said above favorite does not necessarily mean the best and therefore I voted for Chris Cornell.
papa het. No one really has nailed his style in metal yet. Which is good lol.

Now that you bring that up. I have to change my vote to Hetfield as well. Cornell might be the better overall singer but it is not my style of music and since to me the best is James Hetfield because that is the music that I love the most, I have to vote for him as well.
I voted for Cornell too, but for purely selfish reasons. But FBJ has probably nailed it with Elvis if influence is the primary parameter for "world's greatest". Others include Ray Charles, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, John Lennon and the Chairman of the Board - Frank Sinatra.
You're NOT great unless people still think and talk about you 40 years after your death..... Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly! :(

Darn.....I AM grumpy today. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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