Wright Cyclone R-3350 CGI Project

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Just making these parts to adjust to the cams.
Thanks !

Seeing from the cockpit, this is the ignition order which I estimate.
F for the front row and R for the rear row.

Starting ignition from R08 (or R07) looks best for the clockwise rotation.
Please advise if I am wrong.
Thank you very much.

Shinpachi, I am always impressed with your skills in CGI, 3d rendering but perhaps even more so by your dedication to correct detail. Salute!

I know just a little more than the basic difference between a radial and an inline powerplant but looking at your efforts here, it has tweaked my curiosity and I've spent the last hour or so researching different radial engines online. Thanks for that. Any day I learn at least one new thing....is a good day.

I did find this one reference to a "Wright-Cyclone R-3350 Turbo Compound" powerplant:
"Turbo Compounds" by Carl Kuhns from EngineHistory.org website
In it he describes a cylinder numbering method and then a cylinder firing order, about halfway down the page. If I'm correct, this is a post-war model of the R-3350 so it may not be applicable. Or if it is, I'd be happy to have helped in some small way. :)
Again, thanks for sharing your progress on this.
I sincerely do appreciate your kind research and advice spending your precious hours, Derek.
Please let me show how I have understood the description with my renewed diagram here.
If I understood it correctly, this is very interesting structure because two main rods are positioned side by side unlike conventional ones.
I have no idea why but my curiousity seems to be endless now.
Thanks you very much for your kind help.


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