you here what happended last night ?

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I know, you guys definitely are the biggest, but depending on the subject I would query 'the best' - 'the best budgeted' I grant you.

And anyone with any sense knows you don't get Uncle sam's assistance for nothing though, you pay BIG interest for that kind of help. Shame the people in power haven't cottoned onto that yet.

Again, no offence guys, I definitely don't tar ya's all with the same brush.
Well, as Doug pointed out, when it comes to some world disaster, the US - on a local level - does seem to respond regardless of political rantings. The tsunamis near India are a good example. Most of that support was from middle-class mucks who, beside having to pay for the house, the car, the government, still was able to give some for someone they would never meet. Not saying other countries also sent support, but a good portion of US citizens - not the government - responded.

And you know we'll take the hits (not 9/11), the bad-mouthing, the evil looks but we'll still be there with a hand to help them up, whoever needs it.
(No offence to you guys BTW, but unfortunately more than a 'fair share' of your countrymen need to get off their high-horse a bit. Alot of people around the world can't stand North Americans in general because of these star-spangled "individuals")
I'm not star spangled .:shock: :lol:
A) Someone shoots something down and they have to explain it

Th reason we shot it down was abundantly clear. The satellite was a hazard, and we needed to remind the PRC that they're decades behind us in space technology

B) They finally succeed after the hundredth test (at 6 times the original estimated cost) and are proud of it

Wrong on the success rate and I would like to see how you get the cost over runs at 600%. My bullsh*t detector is going off on this statement of yours.

And I would be happy to debate you on how often its hard to push the technology on something new without having an occasion failure.

C) They're trying to take the spotlight off something else

Like what?

D) They just want to wave the patriotic flag a bit more, "We may be up our eyeballs in corruption and mismanagement, but we're still the biggest and the best!"

Corruption and mismanagement? Care to give us some specifics? or are you a sloganeer?
Syscom, Syscom...!

My statements were very much generalities, but believe me, they are based upon the personal knowledge and experiences of myself, and many other people in the 6 different countries I have lived in, not to mention the 13 others I have visited over the last 12 years. I know what I'm talking about, and many Americans do too.

Njaco's and Doug's comments were fairer (and right, especially Njaco's) -I never said you don't do good things aswell :D
And for the record, I have been to "Area 51", and the only things there are terrestrial, plain and simple. The conspiracy nuts crack me up with all the talk of "alien technology", "flying saucers", etc. When I went out there, they were testing the F-117A. There were a lot of reports at the time of black, triangle shaped UFOs, and alien craft...:rolleyes:

People too often make up stories for that which they do not know or understand. The F-117A is a great example. Not everything the military does needs to have full disclosure.
Check up about 'Project Mogul' on the net, Evan! If true, it explains the whole 'UFO crash' conspiracy, -although they do mention UFO's were sighted regularly while testing the Mogul equipment.

One of the my favourite UFO pics is that of a delta flying wing with unusual markings, which was actually the Horten XIII being test flown! Why it was painted with large circles though I don't know.

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