Two years here! Well almost...

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Dec 9, 2007
Revis Island.
Well looking at my user info I joined on December 9th, 2007. While it's not the 9th I have some time now and thought I'd make the thread

I just want to say to Mods and members I thank you all for the great years that I have been a member here so far and I hope many more years in the future! Well when I joined I was well to say the least a little confused. I had a bad start (*Tries forgetting what happened :lol: ** ) but since then I think I have grown a lot.

I've learned many things here weather it be information, model building skills, and even life lessons. I appreciate the great atmosphere the members and mods create here and especially thanks the Mods for running the place :D . Thank you for making me part of your 'family.' I think of most of you more than a name on a screen, I think of you all as friends

Again thanks for the years of enjoyment,


Well done H, as a youngie to the forum it's been great getting to know you.

B, those "life lessons" will carry you through your adulthood. I have no intention of revisiting what I think you refer too. But I can say with conviction that you have become a very strong member in this forum. I, for one, am impressed with your humble ability to learn from your few mistakes. I personally hope you stick around for many years to come. Two years came really quick didn't it.
Thanks all and yea Matt, that's what I am referring too :oops:

Right now I am on a lot more than I really should be, but I guess it's all good if my school work is done :D
...and that brings up another point. Your school work comes first. While we love your contributions to the forum, we appreciate your ability to earn income and pay taxes for our retirement. So maximize your productivity in your scholastic endeavors. I'm depending upon it. :toothy5:
You cannot fail, young Padowan. Different directions, you must take. Imagine the unimaginable, you must. Simple becomes, complex. Ordinary becomes, extraordinary.


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Thanks for hanging around. Like Matt said, the most important thing is you :thegraduate:

Don't get all girl crazy :love1: because you never know where all the :sign12: will end up. Stay respectful :salute: . Once you go to college, you can afford a good :car23: but don't :occasion5: too much because it will make you :puke:.

If you get out of line, don't worry, we will let Les :whdat: and Matt :leftfighter5: have a discussion will you.
I'll just ditto what Matt said as I can't think of anything that freakin' hilarious!!!!

Always a seat at the table here at the forum H!
It's been a trip hasn't it H? The forum wouldn't be the same without you, need some young blood among these old geezers! Here's a drink (you'll have to stick with a coke or something) to many more years on the forum. As I said before, you have a bright head on those young sholders....treat it well and the sky is the limit. ;)

PS. Still waiting for your dad to join, need to get him back into modeling again! :lol:
Harrison? Never heard of him... :D

There's a little something I put in the mail for you today coming your way...

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