2 more historic aviators have passed on

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yes received a note on Alvin White right after his death by Bill Marshall and the 355th fg association.

these guys are going by the road too fast.

rest . . . .

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evangilder said:

I was fortunate and honored to have worked with Bruce Peterson on the B-2. He was the safety engineer assigned to crew station design and attended all of my formal meetings. He had a patch over one eye and scarring from the lifting body accident that was the intro to the Six Million Dollar Man. He was also featured on a brief bio on the Military Channel, Memorial services will be held next Friday, May 12 down near El Toro. He was a fine man and a pleasure to work with. He will be missed.
Crap ! just heard word that ace of the 355th fg Stan Silva passed away in central Cali . Great guy and an excellent pilot for the group. He was nice enough to sign my Angels, Bulldogs and Dragons 355th fg book some years ago . . . the time goes by too fast and the memories fade . . .
Yes, that is fact of time, Les... Another great man of the Czechoslovak nation, General František Peřina, has passed away two days ago. He was a 17+ kills ace...


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