A recent Boat trip around Biloxi, after Katrinas Fury....

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Heres some pics I was finally able to upload from my now defunct digital camera.... Boat ride around the back bayous of Biloxi Bay, and a ride down Casnio Row....

Mass devestation everywhere...

Went around the backside of Keesler AF Base and caught a -130 on approach... Couple decent shots...

More shots to follow.... Too many....


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Christ, it's still a big wreck. The media has moved on to other things though. :rolleyes: That truck says how devestating it all was, really. Although, shamefully, I did laugh at that.
Yea thats the Tivoli, or whats left of it... We were really shocked when we saw that truck up on the pilings Marc...

Few more shots...


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well it appears that they are trying to get life in some sort of order albeit slowly, and thank God no viscious storms ......... yet. So much carnage to pick up and remove .....

my idea would be to leave the rest of that truck in place as a grim reminder to all of what the area went through. Dan you thoughts ? has the coastline somewhat picked up this summer due to tourism ?
Damn, I have a lot of fond memories from the Tivoli. We had some wild parties there back in 84-85. The C-130s are sporting slightly darker paint jobs, but otherwise look pretty much the same.

I hope they get things in better shape a little quicker now. I know it will take a long time for Biloxi to recover though.
Just got back from there in July, and it is still a mess. Most of the big stuff is fixed, but overall, it looks like the hurricane hit last week...

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