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Aug 11, 2006
New Zealand
Hi all.

I just started jotting down ideas for a WW2 novel, "Purple Heart Group - 998th Bomb Group", that follows the 998th Bomb Group, at RAF Elwick, from 1943 to 1944, under Lt. Col. "Jimmy" J. Lucas, flying B-17s on the deep-penetration raids into Germany, and day to day life on a American bomber station in East Anglia during the war.

Any help appreciated.


What kind of help are you looking for? Is the book going to be more directed at singular characters or the whole group? Is it going to be more about the Group in action, or inbetween missions? Is there going to be people outside the Group involved?
Hi plan D.

Its mostly going to be about 998th Bomb Group in-between missions, and the single effect that very heavy losses had on the 998th and the men...


Writing about an entire Group would involve writing about a lot of men, a lot of characters and a lot of complication.
Agreed.... I would probably try to go this route...

The Group goes out to bomb Dresden, and loses their escort... Then the Sturms come in and decimate the Group... 75% losses....

Then go into the surviving members difficulty in adjusting to the losses they suffered...

The combat u can describe with such brutality and loss should make for interesting reading, as well as the problems of coping with the loss of ur close friends...
Hi lesofprimus.

Just wondering, to have suffered 75% casualties on the Dresden bombing mission, what bomb squadrons, out of the 564th, 565th, 566th and 567th, would have had to have been decimated on this mission...??

Thanks again.


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