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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
Today while driving a company Ford F150 I got rear ended by a drunk driver, he had a suspended licence, unregistered vehicle and of course no insurance. See the end result!


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Thanks Sys - I just felt like I got shoved really bad - the Bambulance carted the @sshole away. The cop pulled 3 bottles of Vodka out of his truck. He's toast!
Be ready for tommorrow Fly, thats when things start to hurt. Had the same to me in my Ford Escort. The Camry was totalled and I just had to change the grill on my 'scort. Glad your ok though.
Hopefully the neck won't be hurting you tomorrow. F-150 held up nicely. I love Ford. Ford-haters can kiss it :D
Good to hear you're ok Flyboy. The Drunk is screwed big time. Has it coming.

Just bought a 150 for work. Looks like I made the right choice.
Good to hear you are okay FBJ!

I wish I had pictures of the BMW Z3 that hit my Jeep. He put a small dent into and his hole front end was pretty smashed in. The bumber even fell off as they were trying to move it.

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