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cute corporal

Nov 29, 2004
i drink - brandy(with or without Pepsi)whisky(neat and straight down the hatch with no fannying around with ice)ribena(cures hangovers)mead, plum brandy, protein shakes, loads and loads of milk,red wine, port, white wine, water, baileys, advocaat or both mixed(yummmmmmmm!!!!) and vodka on coke. it all depends on how drunk i want to get and how fast.
different alcohol does different things - the effects are quite amusing when you mix them!
Maybe wind up looking like this?


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Well, this is an extremely random thread. I drink beer (all kinds of), spirits, tea and milk. I have been known to drink a pint and then a cup of tea straight after! :lol:
In the words of Dennis Leary " was invented by smokers. They sat around thinking of something to invent that could let them stay up longer and smoke some more!"
Okay - two new installments of Leary just for Plan D....... :lol:


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I like a good Johnny Walker Blue Label, hmmm my wife just bought me a bottle from the Class 6. I also like Irish Whiskey, Irish Mist, a good Cogniac.

I mostly drink wine at home. I love a good Red wine or a Riesling. Even a good California White Ziffendel or White Merlot. I also love a good Italian Orvieto.

When I go out I drink good German beer or when I just want to sit outside and relax, read the paper. Nothing is better then a good German cold German beer when it is hot outside.
Some years ago I did Charity raft racing and the night before a race we always had a swamp water party. Now whether this idea came from the States I couldn't tell you but anyway get a large plastic bucket or buckets invite lots of piss artists (ensuring entry to the festivities are only allowed on production of an alcoholic beverage or two) this is poured into the bucket after all the drinks have been well mixed with a broom handle the party can begin.
It tended to work better if only spirits where used as the hops in beer tended to spoil the flavour a bit (interesting but pukey).
Vodka,brandy,whiskey,tequila,gin,vermouth,rum, etc etc a good handful of sugar and some lime or lemon juice usually made it a bit more livelier too.
We only allowed small glasses, pint mugs where banned as being too dangerous.
Obviously the Chunder bucket was always kept well clear of the Swamp bucket.
Actually Adler our best raft was made from two GRP drop tanks we got from and old aircraft breakers I may have a pic somewhere.

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