In the Wild, Wild West, who would win?

Who would win?

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Rats, I have Tourist twice in the poll! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Somebody, a kind moderator perhaps, want to switch that to Wild West Showman or Farmer or Sheriff or Circuit Rider or something?

And if somebody is offended by the word "Indian" in the poll, use Native American then.

I guess one on one, I would vote for the Indian Warrior. He is better at fighting as an individual than the soldier is. He's also very good at hand to hand combat, somthing a US Trooper wasn't well trained in. On horseback, the Native Americans were the better riders too.

Now, If one of the soldiers is a skilled marksman, he may also survive very well on his own. And if he tries to use his saber for once, he may do even better! :)

In a large scale ingagement, often the massed organization of the US Cavalry would eventually crush and wear down the Native Americans, just because there were too many white men to replace the fallen soldiers, while the Indians had none. If the two charged each other head on, I'm not sure of the outcome. The massed movement of men of the US Cavalry is an advantage with it's solid front agains't lightly armed opponents, but the indians can simply veer off and start circling the formation to the rear if they don't want a clash. Many times, the US cavalry got a whuppin.

But in the final end count, they won the long and bloody war.

There are a lot of other folks to vote for here too in the poll. Even the town drunk, very dangerous in a fight.

Syscom, why the Lawyer:?:

Jimmy Stewart and Liberty Valance?

Edit: Oh you answered my question while I'm asking it!

The lawyers always win, but it is the hangman who does the killing!
Lawyers only win when there's no violence involved. They can litigate all they want when they're looking down the barrel of that revolver.
Definitely the Mountie, S**T in Due South he's even got his dad helping him and he's a bleeding ghost
I picked the Confederate trooper. Not only a trained soldier, but you know he's pissed off because the south lost the Civil War. A killer with an attitude...

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