My Bro's 1st Model

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
My brother Daniel (but nicked as "Coolees") was asking me to buy him a plastic airplane model for a long time... Today I went near one model shop, I didn't resist and walked in. Luckily for me, a sale is running there, with old Kovozavody Prostejov kits. So I bought two pieces of Sukhoi Su 7 in 1/72 scale - one for my brothjer, and one for me.

He was evry excited when I gave the model to him and immediately after that he looked inside the box and started to work on it:


Excietd about his very first one!


Cutting the parts out of the frames.


Sanded and prepared for gluing.

Here is what he says about it: "It's great! I almost got it assembled. It's cool man! :)"


We'll keep you updated, as this build is not very difficult, so I expect it to be finished in a few days.

Pisis you made your little brothers day..........good for U :D

he looks well pleased as well as quite prepared with table, proper lighting and the paints and glue ready for the build.

ah memories. I look back at my first model a MG sporter, way beyond my limits it was amass of glue although the front wheels could turn. the racing decals were all crooked but I was a proud little chap. about 6 years later after building more that first model was tossed high up into the air, crashing down onto the street. Actually wish I had the small hunk of junk now as a reminder of days lost to time.............
Thanks for the reply. Here's what he announces to you guys: "Thank you for encouraging me and also thanks to my brother, who bought the model to me. He told me that this model I'm gonna build is a fighter and a bomber at the same time. :lol: Anway, I'm going to snap it together tomorrow and than I'll paint it. ;)


CC: Nope, he's using normal scissors lol.

My very first models were Napoleonic "Battle of Austeriltz" Soldiers figures from a Czechoslovakian company which no longer exists... I was around 6 years old, too.
My first model plane was a 1/144 Typhoon (I think...) - croocked so much, of course! :D
I remember my first model ended up with glue finger prints over everything.
My best model was brunette 5ft 6 with a great pair of knockers
Wow, my brother has (un)comfortably surprised me... When I came back home today, he had already the fuselage and the wings assembled and also sticked-together the underwing drop tanks, bombs and rockets... It was only a bit non-fitting, so I've just corrected the wireframe a bit. But it was all did by himself, alone! He only forgot to include the entire cockpit set, so it's cockpit-less... ;)


Looks like your brother is having real fun with it. That is what really matters Pisis and he will remember this for the rest of his life. You have put a real mark in his life.
My first was a MiG 3. I put like 8 coats of white house paint on it and used so much glue I could throw it at the wall and it wouldnt even break :lol:
If I remember I think my first model was a Churchill tank from Airfix, which was the only kit makers in the UK at the time until Revell started importing. The tracks where made of the most un-glueable plastic I know, so I used a heated screw driver to attempt to weld it and ended up with tracks that where 5mm to short so when I tried to fit them the drive spockets got ripped off.

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