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Hi! I want to introduce you my group: the Romagna Air Finders,
Currently the volunteers of the group have altogether recovered a total of 10 aircrafts, without considering the points of impact and finds of other aircrafts, also of bombardiers and 5 pilots, brought home after 60 years.
The fundamental purpose of Romagna Air Finders is the pity towards the fallen soldiers and the recovery of the material to give life to a museum open to the public to allow, particularly to the young generations, to meditate on the horrors of the war that we have suffered marking the destiny of our Countries for so many years (1940-1945).
Then airplanes interest not only for the recovery but also other finds to be exposed to the
public and reported also to the complex of the "Gothic Line."
Currently part of the recovered finds they are exposed to Fusignano in Ravenna (Italy) in Armandi Plaza and thin to now the show she has been visited by around 33.000 people.
thanks for your reception
we are a group of voluntary, friends, with the passion of the airplanes, the material is cleaned by the mud and restored, the pilots brought home after 60 years, this it is our thought.
nothing is on sale, nothing is brought to the market, the museum is open to everybody, entered free.


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