My WWII Aviation Drawings

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Jan 22, 2007
Thought you guys might like to see some of my drawings. This one is of an RAF Whirlwind and weapons loading crews. The tractor is a Fordson.
Thanks gents. I'm glad you're enjoying them. Since you asked...just click on my profile and you'll find my web site listed (I wasn't sure if posting my web site here on the reply is allowed or not).
Here's a couple of colored pencil drawings I did last winter for an exhibit. I reduced the sizes quite a bit for posting here.
Thanks primus. I appreciate it.

I plan to do a Mossie eventually. The list is long and dinstinguished as far as that goes. I will do one. It's just a matter of getting my other projects completed first.
Lyle :

I am putting in a request for a Mossie NF XIX or XXX if at all possible 8)

there is nothing on this bird from what I can find in pencil/carbon format

thanks Erich ~

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