Revell 1/72 Heinkel He 111H of Kampfgeschwader 26 Battle of Britain Group Build

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Mar 2, 2009
Vojvodina, Serbia
Thanks again to everyone for fallowing this thread. Here's where we stand at the moment with this build...

I've used Tamya weathering set for the first time here. Went for "dirty" look with this one. Hope I didn't go over the top with it, but the flash light of the camera appears to add to the contrast because post shading along the panel lines isn't really that pronounced. (Anyway, let's just pretend this aircraft had really lazy ground crew.) Still need some work to complete main landing gear, to add engine exhaust tubes, to put all remaining decals... and of course the merry task of masking and painting canopy frames.
Next time I post photos hope it'll be of a finished model.


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Oct 25, 2018
B-17 engineer writes that 1H + FN (Wrk# 3935) was an He 111H-3, but the airplane artwork attached to B-17’s response and "Luftwaffe: Bomber Camouflage and Markings 1940 - Heinkel He.111, Junkers Ju.88, Dornier Do.17" by Peter G. Cooksley, text by Christopher F. Shores, both show 1H + FN to be an He 111P (not an H-3) when with Luftflotte 2 at Gilze-Rijen during the subject period of time. Are the picture & referenced book wrong (the picture may be based on the book) or is there some other reason for the conflict? Some references that 1H + FN was an H-3 during the operant period would be appreciated.


Nov 16, 2008
A seven year old thread and the originator and some others involved haven't been here for quite a while. Doubtful you'll get a response.


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Aug 24, 2008
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KG26 were equipped with the He-111 H series at this time. My recently completed 1/48th scale He-111H-3 model, shown below, was finished as an aircraft shot down and ditched in the North Sea on 15th August 1940, after researching the subject for quite some time (see the info in GB 37).

He-111 KG26 Build 450.JPG

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