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Senior Airman
Mar 2, 2005
I have a idea that I would like the "Bosses" of this Forum to consider.

I think it is about time to implement some basic rules.

1. There has to be an end to this "chitter chatter" that are killing the post and subject, there are so many examples of this on this Forum.

2. Those individuals that like to chat can use Messenger or ICQ!

3. On other Forums there are strikt rules, if someone is spamming to much that gives him first a varning, the next step is that the user is banned from the Forum. There are many young posters who like to hunt kills and grades and therefore are willing to spam to much and in the process kills the post.

**At All Times Keep to the Subject! If You Do not know anything about whats been asked keep away and don´t try to spam and get kills and climb in the grade system !!!

4. There has to be an end to this: "whats were the best Fighter or bomber .... and also the posts about theoritical fights between planes that never met in a dogfight.

5. This forum needs more of people who can answer tricky questions about aviation and not the information that anyone can obtain on the net. I mean true knowledge, one example is Erich who knows alot.

We are not like other forums, and we dont do things so strict here...

The kill system is no longer in place, and when it was, the only way to get kills was long lengthy posts, not spam...

Us individuals that like to "chit chat" do so because people here are our freinds and pals, and we enjoy chitting and chatting, and dont use those lame ass ICQ/AIM programs...

And what the hell is the matter with theoretical combat discussions???? Its better than talking about ur dogs bad breath...

Ponit is, if u want a stricter site, go somewhere else, like u obviously have been doing...
I'll be honest here, GT. Perhaps this isn't the forum for you. Threads do have a tendency to ebb and flow on and off topic. It is very similar to rel world conversation if you think about it. And so what if there is a little banter back and forth?

In case you didn't notice, the kill system was eliminated quite some time ago. I never cared about the ranking of those. So some people do spam a bit. Lately it doesn'[t seem so much.

"At all times keep on subject"??? Gees, sometimes other threads get started when other points come up. Sometimes it changes a bit, but it's really not a big deal. I know I am not going to get uptight about it, nor do I think any of the other admins are.

The "what are the best" threads have brought about some interesting discussion and I know that I have learned from alot of those. Things get brought up that often others hadn't thought of. There is nothing wrong with those. If you don't like them, then maybe you could just NOT READ THEM!

You are a little uptight about who should and shouldn't be here. We are ALL here to learn and discuss. Everyone brings something to the table. Erich has a great amount of knowledge, but he has been doing research longer than some of the forum members have been alive. Everyone has to start somewhere, and here is a good place to start. There is a lot more here than what is found on the net, and so what if it came from the net? No one has the index to everything on the net, which is humungous. People have posted links that I have not seen before, and I have spent a LOT of time on the net.

To be honest, if the forum held to the strict rules that you listed, this place would probably be pretty damn boring. I have made some good friends here, met Joe offline, spoken to a few on the telephone and have enjoyed it here. If you aren't happy with things the way they are here, you don't have to come around. I personally like it the way it is.
And if you think the sapm is bad now you havent seen this site when I first joined....I think the friendly and relaxed attitude is good as pointed out by the other admins...

If you dont like the way we're running this place then go someplace else, cos we like this joint and many other members do too...
this is the only forum i've ever really been part of, i'm one of the longest serving members and was here when there was only a few topics and 3 posts in a day was huge! over two years i've seen many people come and go, and i'm glad to say some great poeple have stayed, believe me the spam is nothing compared to the good ol' days when me and CC would spend entire weekends on here! i've had a look at a couple of other forums and they're very strict, at which point i'm glad i'm part of this forum's relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the atmosphere on the other forums is what made me click the little X in the top right corner and never go back, personally i've always thought this is a fantastic sight and i've learnt just as much as i would have at any other forum, because everyone here knows something someone else doesn't, and as we're all friends that information is shared freely, i know stuff about the lanc i bet even erich doesn't know, there's a lot he can tell me, heck even CC's tought people some stuff, the mods here are also great and sort out problematic posters quickly, but if you don't like it here, that's not our problem..........
Yep. When I first came here (uhmm, don't remember... 2 years?), my first impression was it is just another forum with bunch of freaks. I was also surprised by the free flow of words/subjects at this place but I got used to it in a few days, hehe. I can seriously say I ressteled here from all the other boring forums and now I consider as my homepage. Bunch of great people here.

What is so exciting on strict forums where you have to care about not breaking some of their idiotic "rules"? And if you do so, they lock it up? What kind of joy is that GT? A real pleasure is the freedom of speech, as we do here.

I advice you to be a bit more involed in stuff... Stay a while and look how things go here... Before suggesting things like this, m'kay?

You're of course welcomed here.
"At all times keep on subject"

Bad idea....... sometimes a thread goes into a whole different direction that is just as interesting.

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