What Did You Get for Christmas?

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Apr 1, 2004
Although I do not celebrate Christmas, it would be an interesting topic to see what everyone got that made them <shudder> happy on christmas day.

And while no one got anything off me, I did get presents off others;

An eight DVD boxset of the American War Deparment movies - "Why We Fight" from the 1940s.

A collection of primary material from the Normandy campaign, "The D-Day Experience" from the IWM. It has diaries, orders, battle maps ..etc. (all real sized, and real looking - but obviously just copies, but it's still good) I'll enter some of the diary entries and such on here, at some point - shame I haven't got a scanner though.

And an AC/DC DVD - Family Jewels, over 2 'n' a half hours of AC/DC.
Some good stuff there pD, look forward to the diary entries.

Well I got and Ipod video as well as 2 WW2 books (one on the Airmen of WW2 - it is a collection of stories and diary entries edited by Laddie Lucas and the other is "Witness to War" by Richard J. Aldrich - diary entries about the war in Europe (haven't seen the one on the Pacific war yet but if I see it I will get it). So I will (if I get around to it) post some (particularly from the Laddie Lucas book ("Voices in the Air").
Don't be lame, I know it's hard for you lanc ... but what books did you get?
how was i being lame? and the books? umm, the 12th book in the series of unfortunate events, malace aforethought- the history of booby traps from WWI to 'nam, wright to fly, a history of powered flight year by year, Aircraft in british military service from 1946 to the present, a very good book actally, oh yeah, the new star wars DVD too...........
You were being lame by not telling us the books you got. Lame or lazy. .. or a combination of both.
Can't you Cornish bastards read minds? I knew you lot were backward, but jesus christ ...I'm dealing with the medival f*ckin' man here.
As I've said, I got the Band of Brothers set, socks and underwear, a pair of jeans, a new sweater, some T-shirts, and some sex. :mrgreen:

Christmas sex. It cums only once a year. ;)

Christ, that was lame even for me. :rolleyes:
I got a new 21 inch flat panel LCD monitor, a new 30Gig video iPod, a Sony DVD player, 2 DVD's, 3 new books, a cool ass piece of fossilized amber with a prehistoric wasp in it, 2 fitted baseball caps, clothes, candy, and I think there was some sex mixed in there as well......
Damn Les, you scored!

I got the CH flight yoke and rudder pedals for my 'puter along with MSFS 2004 and the Carrier fighters add on. I also got some shirts (F-16 Viper, B-1 Lancer) and three books (1976 Private Pilots Written Test Guide, The American Fighter Plane by Williams and Williams and a Tom Lea Novel [Western]).

My in-laws gave me an autographed art print of Bud Anderson's P-51B, autographed by Bud himself!

I guess I scored as well. :)

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