What Do Your Usernames Mean?

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I'll answer to anything

You should not have said that, the boys will have a field day now....oh dear, oh dear!

Lucky13, always thought that 13 have had undeserved bad reputation, used it since I first got my dirty mittens on a PC, which was around the Napoleonic Wars.....
Which explains my obsession (as some here would call it) with aircraft (mostly) numbered 13 and ssometimes in the serial number....
MicroModeller -
There are quite a few reasons for this name. The first one is propably directing to my modelling theme - 1/144 scale, which is a 'micro' modelling. Second thing is that one of our club members told me that he has never seen such a tiny work and told to me - you must be a micro modeller!
So yeah, this is how I got this name.
Yep a tiny scale to work in....:D


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Geißel der Lüfte (how it's supposed to be, the character restrictions prevent it) means Scourge of the Skies in German. I adopted this name fairly widely (I use it on lots of flying games/sims I play) because as a little kid, my dream was always to be a fighter pilot and an ace. Erich Hartmann and Chuck Yeager were two big idols for me, among others.

Sadly, now that we're in the age of fly-by-wire, computer-controlled planes, and smart munitions, being an ace means nothing. All you need to do is manuever a bit and press a button, and your enemy is now a cloud of scrap. Back in the day of WWII and prop planes, not any pilot could be an ace. You needed skills and experience, along with good eyes and quick thinking.

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