What Do Your Usernames Mean?

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Artesh, In Persian, means Army , but also Army Corps - Armed Forces or the Highest military Formation in your Country.

Sepah or Corps - Stands for Letter "C" in ''IRGC'' - is Second Highest Military Formation.

Anyway, Today Iran Has No higher Formations than "Tip" or Brigade.

It has around 100 Army Brigades and over 60 IRGC brigades.
One day at work there was a crow cruising around the lot dragging it's wing behind it. People started freaking out that it would get run over and saying it had a broken wing and volunteered me to rescue it. I worked at a busy Gas station at the time. Well I go to pick it up and it starts hopping away. Here I am 6'4'' 260 lbs and I'm chasing a stupid crow around the lot. When I finally got close enough to grab it, it flew away and I thought "busted wing my ass ".
When I started on this site I was going to use the user name "B36Guy" which I was using on a couple of modeling forums. I love the B36, it's about the coolest looking bomber ever. Since this is a WW2 forum I figured I should have something less " cold war " as a user name. I was thinking about all the WW2 balsa models I spent hours on as a kid only to have them hang up in a tree or whatever with a broken up wing when I remembered the deal with the crow so that's why " Bustedwing". My actual name is Graham.
I got Jim Bob as a nickname when I did a road trip to Alabama for work many years ago. Everyone there was named something or other Bob so we all started calling each other by our first names followed by Bob. It evolved where our names got longer and longer with Bob on the end of it but I use Jim Bob here.
ssmith is my name, the 996 is for my Ducati 996 and is easy to remember. I am a Ducati motorcycle fan and own a 1992 Ducati 851, a 1999 Ducati 996, a 2015 Ducati Monster 1200S and a 2014 Moto Guzzi 1400 California.
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"You've Got to Be Sh****ng Me" - motto of the USAF 'Wild Weasels' (the guys who hunt SAM sites)

It was an actual response given by one of the crew members assigned to the brand-new mission type in Vietnam when he heard what they were being assigned to do. They put it on the squadron patch and it has stuck ever since.

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