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Nov 8, 2004
Alright everyone I will be sending out a letter soon to Willi Reschke. I wanted to send it out on Monday but did not get the chance so I decided instead to send it out next Monday. Anyhow I decided now to wait until Next Monday because I want to ask him many questions. I am going to open this thread to see if anyone has any questions they would like to have answered by him. I am allready going to ask him questions such as how the Ta-152 was in flight, advantages, disadvantages over other aircraft (in his opinion that is) and also about his claim of a Tempest 14 April 1945 in a Ta-152. Maybe he can tell us from his point of view how the kill happened.

I do not know however if he will respond so this could take some time.

Also please only serious questions and nothing like "How the hell could you fly for a man like Hitler?" The reason I put this in here is because there are a few people that post here that would ask such stupid questions like that.

If he responds this could give us some really good information to post on this thread.

Post your questions here please.
everyone that is interested in late war piston fighter developments and operations should apply here .......... ASAP. Adler is going to have fun with this and everyone here will benefit. I received a friendly note from him 4 days ago with a photo signed in dedication to me forthwith through a friend. I know about the April 14. 45 encounter due to a taped interview I have from him but will let Adler get the full details on his own through personal research. The man is incredible so take every oppourtunity gentlemen as this is the time. These veterans are not getting any younger

by the way I am firing off another e-mail through that friend who will write him with a couple more questions on his Ta ops shortly. Remember guys he flew the Tank in III./JG 301 as well as Stab./JG 301 in 45.

do not delay !

E ~
do it man !!!! you may have to go see him but it would be worth it ...........

I had asked him through letter of my friend if there was a JG 301 familie/veteran pin. he said no there wasn;t so I am going to try and set one up locally and send off to him with the possiblity he can have more made in Germany for the other JG 301 members and Families


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Very cool, I am sure he would enjoy that. I am trying to find if there are any local veteran groups around here that I might be able to get into contact with. I dont care if they were aviators or ground soldiers. I think if there stories were to be lost that it would be the biggest shame. And that goes for any veteran of any country.
This is fantastic. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

I will definately give this some thought....

But it would be nice to have his personal insight into what it was like as luftwaffe pilot in those last days(day to day stuf to try and recreate the atmosphere. Make sense?).

Also be intrested to know how many 152's JG301 has serviceable by wars end and confirmation of the152 being used for a couple of days after the conflict against the Russians(mention of this was in the Monagram 152 book but can't remember the quote).
I would like to know how difficult was the transition from the 190 to the 152.
Would the lower time pilots have been successful with it had it been
available in greater numbers? Did the 152 have any troublesome handling
peculiarities? Finally, how much did Willi know about the Me262 - was that
something he and his friends had a real desire to get into given the chance?
Was morale in the Luftwaffe high to the very end in his view? Did he feel confident as a fighter pilot even in the closing weeks of the war? Did he and his friends still think there was a chance to turn the tide even at this late stage? What gave him motivation?
Excellent stuff Chris...

I would be curious to know what Willi thought about the "Wonder" Weapons and if they were too little too late, and if he had any desire to get into the cockpit of a 262...

Also, Ive read just about everything published concerning Willi, and the one thing that I still wonder about is whether or not he lost any family members, and if so, how it affected him whilst in combat...
I always wonder if pilots who've flown in different aircraft develop a true preference for one,over another, going into combat, (109 or 190 or 152.)

Also, were tactics going in against heavy bombers strictly adhered to or did it become a free-for-all after initial sighting/ contact.

And, was it the enemy plane type, quantity, or nationality that determined tactics during an encounter with fighters.

Great idea :). I will be waiting for response impatiently.
If you could, please ask him about climbing performance of Ta 152 - what is his opinion about this problem, could Ta 152 outclimb for example P-51.
And last question - what was his opinion about MW-50, has he ever used it ??

Thanks in advance
I would have to say my biggest question would be on how many bugs where in the aircraft that had to be fixed before a pilot would be allowed to take the plane into combat.

Reason I ask is because Ive read in some books that aircraft straight from factories use to have major bugs and defects due to shortage of skilled labor and sabotage from forced labor and such.

Second question would be, does he remember the names of his black men or mechanic's that serviced his aircraft?

Reason I ask is because they played such an important role in a pilots life and most of these names have been lost forever. The unsung hero's of the Luftwaffe.

Thanks Micdrow
Very cool idea Adler!

Now I'm writting a monography of Elbląg (former Elbing in Germany's East Prussia) airfield and looking for info concerning a famous aces which stationed here during the war. I heard that Willi Reschke was a student of Flugzeugführerschule 51 at Elbing. That's all I know...
Could you ask him about exactly time when he visited my town and memories from this period (maybe significant events or what type of aircraft did he fly). Any info are appericated, It is very important for me.

Thanks in advance
Marcin from Elbląg
Great idea. Chocks posted exactly what I was wanting to know. It had to wear on them the fact they knew they were just going to get pounded towards the end. I hope he talks about it. The few people I know personally that fought in the war (all army) don't say much at all.
All very good questions guys. I really hope he will respond. I am drafting up the letter as we speak and will include as many questions as possible. I dont want to pound him with 2000 question the first time. If he responds I will send another letter after thinking him and maybe ask for a live interview.
Ok, too late for this one. But perhaps for the next time. Two questions from the top of my head. A technical one, were there still problems with the pressure cabin when he flew it?
His personal Ta 152 experience, how many times did he fly the Ta 152 and what was the highest altitude to which he took the aircraft?
And finally in general, which of the Luftwaffe aces did he consider his friends?

Great initiative. I would love to talk to veterans but when it comes down to it, I am afraid I'll freeze. My appreciation and respect towards them is enormous. Heroes ... you'll find more of them on the losing side than on the winning one.

Well those are good questions too. If he responds they will go in the next letter or hopefully a live interview.

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