You Local Gas/petrol Station Price Per Gallon/Litre...

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Was going to do this awhile ago but forgot so......

Here is a converter for gallons/liters ect ect.... Interested to see if there is a trend between us in the States and out friends abroad....

1 gallon [US, liquid] = 3.78 liters
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I am currently paying, at my local gas station, $2.86 a gallon...
The average prices in bristol are:

Unleaded 94.3p per litre
Diesal 95.6p per litre

US prices per gallon:

Unleaded $7.13
Diesel $7.23

about 65% of that price is tax
Went past the $7.50 (per US gallon) last year during the international crude price rises.

Electricity and gas (heating not petrol) prices have risen by something like 20-30% in the last year. Luckily global warming gave us a mild winter :lol:
Damn - we got the refineries just down the street and only pay $2.80/gal.
In Poland:
Unleaded $6.05 per gallon
Diesel $5.50 per gallon...
We have refineries in Southern California too, my last fill was $3.39/gallon. I can't remember the last time it was below $3.00 a gallon.

I would bet Cal has a hefty amount of state taxes charged opposed to other some other states... between Corpus and Houston is the refinery powerhouse in the US I believe.

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