1/72 MPM Bristol Blenheim Mk1F, 600 Sqn Manston Air Base, BQ*G BoB Group Build

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Master Sergeant
Jul 16, 2009
South Plainfield New Jersey
A few weeks ago I made an attempt at installing the nose glass. It wasn't pretty:evil:. I decided to remove the glass and try it again after I clean up the mess. The first problem was that the seam line of the glass didn't line up with the fuselage seam. Next I couldn't get the two glass halves to connect without a globby goopy mess down the center of the glass.

If I can get this right I can mask it and start the paint process.

I might have some pictures. I don't remember or I maybe I don't want to remember :confused:. I'll look later on when I get home.

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