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Bit of a tricky one, as information is a bit conflicting. I'd say leave the tube in place, as this was the feed from the supply, to which the tube from the mask connected.
From what I remember of the making of the movie, the flying kit shown was a bit of a mix-match of types and reproductions.
The 'Mae Wests', for example, were 1950s/1960s current issue, with rubber tubes added to simulate the WW2 style manual inflation tube, although the 'jacket' should be longer and a buff colour, and the parachutes had the later harness and adjusters, although essentially the same. The helmets used were mainly replicas, IIRC, made to the approximate pattern, and the masks were made to look similar to the earlier style. By the time of the BoB, the Type E mask, with a black rubber face mask assembly, was coming into use.
Either way, the feed tube needed to be more flexible and, AFAIK, was the type moulded onto the resin seat.
Most of Spitfires used for the movie were Mk.IX and a few Mk.V as memo serves. So no wonder it was a kind of mixture.
A right mix of Spits, which were 'Standardised' in appearance as far as possible, Mks1, II, V, IX, XVI, XIV,19 and 24, but not all flying (MkXVIs taxy or static only for example). But it was harder to get authentic flying kit, even then, hence the use of 'modern' and reproduction items, altered to suit.
Sorry to invade the thread, but in one scene there's a Spit on its nose in the background, after a bombing raid on the airfield. This was a real, taxiable MkXVI. Robert Shaw had moved off in it for a scene, then applied the brakes when out of shot. He didn't know the oleos had been re-pressurised, and the brakes bit hard, tipping the Spit onto its nose !
It was left like that to add authenticity to the scene !
Thanks Terry

Was that from the "Don't you yell at me Mr Warwick!" scene?

Anyway, thanks for the advice T, I shall leave it be.



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Yep, that's the one. Always made me giggle that scene, as Mr. Warwick, the Station W.O,. yells at Sec.Of Harvey to put out a cigarette, as the gas mains have ruptured, yet only a few feet away is a bl**dy big fire from the burning hangar etc !!
Did you know, they didn't tell the MoD they were going to destroy the hangar, or the local Fire Brigade. The latter came screaming in from all directions once the smoke etc had been reported !
Still a brilliant, fantastic, got-to-see-it-again movie. Watched parts of it, and the making of it, at least four times in the last couple of days !(research for a Buchon model being the excuse this time - not instrument check!).
Get it on the screen mate, and savour those air to air combat shots - it's something which can never be done again, even if the aircraft were available. Modern-day Health and Safety regulations wouldn't allow it, especially some of the close stuff, with a Spit literally only a few feet away as it roars over the top of a 'Heinkel' !
Still a brilliant, fantastic, got-to-see-it-again movie. Watched parts of it, and the making of it, at least four times in the last couple of days !(research for a Buchon model being the excuse this time - not instrument check!).

Terry I don't know if you've seen this But I thought it might be helpful. A serious of walkaround photos of a Buchon in what looks like BoB paint. This site has hundreds of walkarounds all different types of aircraft. Very useful!
Hispano Aviacion Ha 1112M Buchon Photo Walk Around
Thanks Glenn, a couple of useful detail shots there. Neither of the aircraft are in the BoB movie scheme, although both took part in the production. the first one might be the ex - G-HUNN, re-painted in a rather spurious Adolf Galland scheme, whilst the one with the red spinner is the Duxford-based A/C which has recently been re-painted in the movie colour scheme. Note both have three bladed props now, with the first one having a re-profiled spinner too.
The pics of the grille in the air intake are particularly useful.
Courtesy of Chris:White looks sooo cool on a 109. Like that "Yellow 12" from JG 26 thats around everywhere. __________________

What about this bird?was Jg 26 in another theatre at this time it's on the sheet but I do not see anybody doing it.
I really need to watch this movie again as well.

After the conversation here I went out and watched it last week. The only problem was I didn't have the sub titles so I completely missed what the Germans had to say. This was the first time I ever seen this movie although I did recognize one of the actors from Sink the Bismarck and A Night to Remember.
WHAT?!!! You've not seen the movie before ! Astounding ! I guess the actor you mean is probably Kenneth More, playing the part of the Station Commander (Section Officer Harvey's boss). He is also very well know for his role as Douglas Bader in 'Reach for the Sky'. Just mention the scene, and I'll translate for you - I probably know the script word for word, having seen the movie at it's regional premier in 1969, and countless times since, at the cinema, on TV, video, and now the re-mastered, digitised DVD, with the bonus disc on the making of the film, the background etc etc.
Kevin, not sure which aircraft you're referring to, but yes, JG26 were definitely in the BoB ! Let's face it, there wasn't any other theatre going on at the time !
"Yellow 12" is the bird and my Squardon book had something about JG26 being in Italy I think in 1940(caption to a profile) a very close scheme to what is present on the decal sheet that comes with the kit.
Ah! No, II/JG26, IIRC, went to Gela, Sicily, at the end of 1940 for about one month, then again in 1941. The colour schemes were the same at the time. I'd have to check the dates and details for this move, but the whole of JG26 was in the Pas de Calais region, on four airfields, throughout the BoB. And of course Galland became the boss !
When I eventually get the next instalment of 'BoB Bits Box' done, the details (and map) of the all the JGs, KGs, StGs etc will be included. Meanwhile, the units involved in the BoB are shown in the current postings in the 'Bits Box' threads.
Watched a good 3 part doco on the BoB recently that fetured unused footage from the movie.. Have the movie too, watched it again last weekend

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