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Aug 24, 2008
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Judging from the questions already arising in some of the threads for this GB, I anticipate many more to come!
Rather than clutter individual threads, and to make it easier to remember who asked what, and find the relevant thread to reply to, I think it would be a good idea to have a separate thread for Questions and Answers regarding specific areas, such as camouflage, markings, and other detail. Whilst I can't guarantee to answer all questions effectively, I'll certainly give them all my closest attention, and, no doubt, others can chip in with their own answers etc.
I will be posting further sections in the 'BoB Bits Box' thread over the next few days, starting with RAF Camouflage and Markings in the BoB, hopefully tomorrow (Saturday), followed soon after by a similar feature on the Luftwaffe system. Please check these features, and the 'This Day in the BoB' thread by Chris (Njaco), before jumping in with questions to which the answers may already be posted.
There were so many changes in, for example, colour schemes and markings, during the relatively short period covered, that I believe this GB warrants such a dedicated thread.
i have a question when did 25 Sqn get there first beaufighters am i right in thinking it was september 1940 also even though they were nightfighters am i correct in believing they were painted in the standard day fighter scheme
Jamie, 25 Squadron began to recieve Beaufighter Mk1s in October 1940, but were still operational on Blenheims (Mk1f and MkIVf), on night patrols, during the Battle of Britain. Conversion to Beaus wasn't completed until January 1941, by which time they were almost certainly finished in the overall black scheme, which was eventually replaced by the standard night fighter scheme of Medium Sea Grey overall, with Dark Green disruptive pattern uppersurfaces. (see BoB Bits Box Part 1 for Beau squadrons in the BoB.)
Harrison, Luftwaffe tyres were rubber coloured (if clean) with nothing in the centre - that's where the wheel lived ! The wheel, however, was normally a semi-gloss black ! As per standard, the tail wheel tyre would have had the 'white wall', which was actually more of a pale grey, and again, the wheel itself would normally be semi-gloss black, but could also be RLM 02.
It's Bill ! Most people in Britain would pronounce it Blen -em, although some would say Blen- hyme. The othe one, Beaufighter, is often mis-pronounced, as 'Beew- fighter, presumably, through the quirks of the English language, when it should be prounced 'Bo - fighter', as in 'Bow and arrow', or, as it was an adaptation of the original design, the Beaufort, like the scale of winds, gales, etc, same as above Beaufort Scale = Bo-fort Scale.
How anyone can learn to speak English is beyond me !!
Thanks Terry, "Blennem" it is. I never thought there's be any question about the pronunciation of Beaufighter. I guess, since half of Canada either speaks French or has learned it in highschool precludes anything other than "Bow-fighter" here.
I may be able to answer that, at least for the E-4. I know it's a restored example, but the Russell Group Bf-109E-4 (the one that can fly and was flown by Marseille himself during the BoB) is RLM 66, Schwarzgrau. I can't post pictures, because they ask you not to... :|
Whats the best way to attempt the 3rd scheme on the sheet with with the '14'

Also does anyone have pictures of this bird?


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