2007 NFL Season

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Nov 8, 2004
Allright everyone the 2007 NFL Season is drawing near. The Draft is over an the teams are beginning there training camps. What teams do you think are looking good sofar. Who are your favorites. I will be starting up some threads to discuss each division as well.

My favorite team is the San Fransisco 49ers and has been since I was a little kid watching Joe Montana and Jerry Rice dominate the league and on into the 90s with Steve Young, Jerry Rice among others.

My team is obviously rebuilding after 4 to 5 years of Salary Cap hell and being back at that bottom of the league.

The 49ers have had a great draft and picked up some great free agents. I think they will deffinatly make it to the playoffs and have a really good chance of knocking Seattle off there roost as the reigning NFC West Kings.
Well, being a homey, I think my Eagles will be back to take the Division and possibly the Conference. Hard to tell who's gonna do well. Losing Stallworth was a minus and I hope they've replace that spot with someone decent.

Question I have is New England back in with Moss and Stallworth? Will Moss show up? And aren't we glad in Philly we took Donovan instead of Ricky!?:lol:
I believe the Patriots are sitting really well with there recievers and could be back in the Super Bowl this season.

They were the only team to have a better off season than the Niners and ther recieving corps is looking great with Moss and Stallworth. I think Moss will sort of revive his career but he will still be second to Stallworth.

As for the Ricky situation. That guy is a punk and he needs to be banned for life from the NFL.
along with Portis and Vick.

The other teams I'm not so sure. I would like to see San Fran get back in the hunt. I wasn't a fan but I did enjoy the Golden years with Montana and Rice. Would hurt to see the 49ers fightin again.

That said, I hope Dallas sinks.
Well I have the house to myself for the next week so I took the liberty of being an NFL Nerd :lol: and analyzing every team and ranking them by position. Over the next week I will make predictions of every game as well.

Yeah I know, now that my wife will be out of town for a week I am going to be bored and actually do this! :lol:

The rankings that I have done are off of a 40 point system. 40 points being the best naturally and the lower the score being the worst. To get the 40 points I evaluated certain criteria:

1. Quarterbacks
2. Runningbacks
3. Recievers/Tightends
4. Offensive Line
5. Defensive Line
6. Linebackers
7. Secondary
8. Special Teams

Each catagory can recieve 1-5 points. 5 points being the best and 1 point being the worst.

Here are the rankings for each team and then I will break it down:

1. New England Patriots - 36
2. San Diego Chargers - 34
3. New Orleans Saints - 34
4. Indianapolis Colts - 33
5. Baltimore Ravens - 33
6. San Francisco 49ers - 32
7. Dallas Cowboys - 32
8. Jacksonville Jaguars - 31
9. Chicago Bears - 31
10. Cincinnati Bengals - 30
11. Denver Broncos - 30
12. New York Jets - 30
13. Pittsburgh Steelers - 30
14. Philadelphia Eagles - 29
15. St. Louis Rams - 29
16. Seattle Seahawks - 29
17. Kansas City Chiefs - 29
18. New York Giants - 29
19. Minnesota Vikings - 28
20. Buffalo Bills - 28
21. Washington Redskins -28
22. Miami Dolphins - 28
23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 28
24. Carolina Panthers - 27
25. Green Bay Packers -27
26. Arizona Cardinals -27
27. Tennessee Titans - 27
28. Houston Texans - 27
29. Cleveland Browns - 27
30. Detroit Lions - 25
31. Oakland Riaders - 25
32. Atlanta Falcons - 24

Starting tomorrow I will break down how I got the overall scores.
Grew up as a Packers fan, Vince Lombardi was, and is, my football hero. Became a Jets fan in 1965 when "Broadway Joe" signed the $427,000 contract.

Jets will be solid, no doubt. Excellent young coaching staff, front office and they have got the running back they needed. If Chad Pennington stays healthy again they make the playoffs.

AFC again the dominant conference. Two best teams are NE and SD. Give the nod to NE because of their HOF QB and HOF coach. And the SD coach (Norv Turner) has never been very good as the head guy.

Well lets see I figured I would make some predictions again.



Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts): 334-502-4233-36-10
Carson Palmer (Cincinnati Bengals): 311-487-3589-26-14
Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints): 314-485-3718-26-11
Tom Brady (New England Patriots): 314-497-3777-26-13
Marc Bulger (St. Louis Rams): 294-453-3521-22-10
Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles): 230-381-3010-22-8
Joey Harrington (Atlanta Falcons): 228-401-2434-14-13
Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle Seahawks): 261-431-3094-21-13
Vince Young (Tennessee Titans): 210-414-2444-13-15
Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers): 280-455-3153-23-10
Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys): 225-340-3387-22-17
Eli Manning (New York Giants): 300-545-3392-25-19
Matt Leinart (Arizona Cardinals): 280-515-3301-18-16
Jon Kitna (Detroit Lions): 317-529-3432-24-19
Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers): 215-344-2840-17-14
Jay Cutler (Denver Broncos): 239-421-2834-24-15
Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers): 354-587-3951-20-21
Jake Delhomme (Carolina Panthers): 278-466-3371-23-14
Chad Pennington (New York Jets): 290-485-3208-17-16
Alex Smith (San Francisco 49ers): 287-440-3541-26-14
J.P. Losman (Buffalo Bills): 255-427-2954-17-18
Jason Campbell (Washington Redskins): 233-472-2558-18-13
Rex Grossman (Chicago Bears): 227-393-2986-15-18
Trent Green (Miami Dolphins): 225-376-2984-24-13
Matt Schaub (Houstan Texans): 214-437-2637-16-9
Steve McNair (Baltimore Ravens): 239-386-2516-14-11
Jeff Garcia (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 243-434-3059-20-8
David Garrard (Jacksonville Jaguars): 210-347-2267-13-8
Daunte Culpepper (Oakland Raiders): 253-430-2600-18-13
Brady Quinn (Cleveland Browns): 246-424-2596-15-17
Tarvaris Jackson (Minnesota Vikings): 205-364-2134-14-16
Damon Huard (Kansas City Chiefs): 234-440-2554-18-13

Running Backs


LaDainian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers): 342-1537-21
Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams): 300-1287-11
Larry Johnson (Kansas City Chiefs): 376-1769-18
Frank Gore (San Francisco 49ers): 322-1653-12
Shaun Alexander (Seattle Seahawks): 325-1491-17
Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts): 333-1472-9
Willie Parker (Pittsburgh Steelers): 296-1348-10
Brian Westbrook (Philadelphia Eagles): 208-1001-7
Rudi Johnson (Cincinnati Bengals): 346-1407-12
Laurence Maroney (New England Patriots): 280-1252-10
Ronnie Brown (Miami Dolphins): 306-1305-6
Willis McGahee (Baltimore Ravens): 289-1122-8
Reggie Bush (New Orleans Saints): 226-957-9
Deuce McAllister (New Orleans Saints): 167-622-7
Travis Henry (Denver Broncos): 297-1236-10
Marice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars): 141-823-8
Cedric Benson (Chicago Bears): 280-1149-8
Thomas Jones (New York Jets): 283-1164-7
Clinton Portis (Washington Redskins): 274-1118-8
Edgerrin James (Arizona Cardinals): 327-1091-5
Marrion Barber (Dallas Cowboys): 174-755-9
Julius Jones (Dallas Cowboys): 200-807-4
Ahman Green (Houston Texans): 262-1111-6
Brandon Jacobs (New York Giants): 140-632-12
Jamal Lewis (Cleveland Browns): 273-1014-6
Chester Taylor (Minnesota Vikings): 193-805-4
Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings): 170-714-5
Marschawn Lynch (Buffalo Bills): 230-800-5
Cadillac Williams (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 262-1018-4
Warrick Dunn (Atlanta Falcons): 277-1221-5
LaMont Jordan (Oakland Raiders): 272-1025-9
DeAngelo Williams (Carolina Panthers): 177-727-3
DeShaun Foster (Carolina Panthers): 200-817-3
Kevin Jones (Detroit Lions): 241-1133-5
Vernand Morency (Green Bay Packers): 182-753-5
LenDale White (Tennessee Titans): 188-801-3
Reuben Droughns (New York Giants): 169-633-2

Wide Recievers


Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers): 93-1365-10
Marvin Harrison (Indianapolis Colts): 88-1208-13
Chad Johnson (Cincinnati Bengals): 93-1358-8
Torry Holt (St. Louis Rams): 96-1297-10
Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts): 82-1191-9
Terrell Owens (Dallas Cowboys): 70-1048-11
Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals): 77-1045-8
Donald Driver (Green Bay Packers): 87-1241-7
Marques Colston (New Orleans Saints): 88-1160-9
Lee Evans (Buffalo Bills): 70-1123-9
Roy Williams (Detroit Lions): 82-1330-9
Javon Walker (Denver Broncos): 72-1098-8
T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Cincinnati Bengals): 89-1092-8
Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinals): 92-1270-4
Randy Moss (New England Patriots): 58-886-10
Plaxico Burress (New York Giants): 59-974-8
Andre Johnson (Houston Texans): 81-1144-5
Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers): 72-953-7
Darrell Jackson (San Francisco 49ers): 88-1233-10
Laveranues Coles (New York Jets): 86-1012-5
Joey Galloway (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 59-944-7
Santana Moss (Washington Redskins): 57-910-6
Terry Glenn (Dallas Cowboys): 63-1001-5
Chris Chambers (Miami Dolphins): 82-1118-9
Deion Branch (Seattle Seahawks): 61-820-5
Donte Stallworth (New England Patriots): 44-746-5
Isaac Bruce (St. Louis Rams): 60-885-3
Jerry Porter (Oakland Raiders): 73-1010-6
Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions): 40-650-3
Arnaz Battle (San Francisco 49ers): 42-630-4

And Finally Predictions for the 1st Week:

(These predictions have nothing to do with my predictions I made several months ago. These are based off of how players progressed since then and preseason injuries and transactions).

New Orleans Saints 31-28 Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings 17-10 Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers 23-20 St. Louis Rams
Denver Broncos 31-17 Buffalo Bills
Kansas City Chiefs 21-7 Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins 21-3 Washington Redskins
New England Patriots 33-6 New York Jets
Philadelphia Eagles 33-30 Green Bay Packers
Pittsburgh Steelers 14-10 Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans 13-10 Jacksonville Jaguars
San Diego Chargers 27-10 Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions 24-7 Oakland Raiders
Seattle Seahawks 17-10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
New York Giants 21-20 Dallas Cowboys
Cincinnati Bengals 10-7 Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers 33-27 Arizona Cardinals
Well I meant to update this last week but I forgot.

Here are the scores from last week:

Indianpolis Colts 41-10 New Orleans Saints
Denver Broncos 15-14 Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers 34-7 Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers 16-13 Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina Panthers 27-13 St. Louis Rams
Minnesota Vikings 24-3 Atlanta Falcons
New England Patriots 38-14 New York Jets
Washington Redskins 16-13 Miami Dolphins (OT)
Tennessee Titans 13-10 Jacksonville Jaguars
Houstan Texans 20-3 Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions 36-21 Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers 14-3 Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks 20-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dallas Cowboys 45-35 New York Giants
Cincinnati Bengals 27-20 Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers 20-17 Arizona Cardinals


Team Wins-Losses-Ties Points For-Points Against

NFC East

1. Dallas Cowboys 1-0-0 45-35
2. Washington Redskins 1-0-0 16-13
3. NY Giants 0-1-0 35-45
4. Philadelphia Eagles 0-1-0 13-16

NFC North

1. Detroit Lions 1-0-0 36-21
2. Green Bay Packers 1-0-0 16-13
3. Minnesota Vikings 1-0-0 24-3
4. Chicago Bears 0-1-0 3-14

NFC South

1. Carolina 1-0-0 27-13
2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-1-0 6-20
3. New Orleans Saints 0-1-0 10-41
4. Atlanta Falcons 0-1-0 3-24

NFC West

1. San Francisco 49ers 1-0-0 20-17
2. Seattle Seahawks 1-0-0 20-6
3. Arizona Cardinals 0-1-0 17-20
4. St. Louis Rams 0-1-0 13-27

AFC East

1. New England Patriots 1-0-0 38-14
2. NY Jets 0-1-0 14-38
3. Buffalo Bills 0-1-0 14-15
4. Miami Dolphins 0-1-0 13-16

AFC North

1. Cincinnati Bengals 1-0-0 27-20
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0-0 34-7
3. Baltimore Ravens 0-1-0 20-27
4. Cleveland Browns 0-1-0 7-34

AFC South

1. Tennessee Titans 1-0-0 13-10
2. Indianapolis Colts 1-0-0 41-10
3. Houston Texans 1-0-0 20-3
4. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1-0 10-13

AFC West

1. Denver Broncos 1-0-0 15-14
2. San Diego Chargers 1-0-0 14-3
3. Kansas City Chiefs 0-1-0 3-20
4. Oakland Raiders 0-1-0 21-36

Predictions for this weeks games

Cincinnati Bengals 36-6 Cleveland Browns
Buffalo Bills 10-21 Pittsburgh Steelers
New Orleans Saints 35-10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Houston Texans 17-20 Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons 7-27 Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianpolis Colts 27-20 Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers 27-14 St. Louis Rams
Green Bay Packers 27-20 New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks 14-10 Arizona Cardinals
Minnesota Vikings 20-31 Detroit Lions
Dallas Cowboys 28-17 Miami Dolphins
New York Jets 6-14 Baltimore Ravens
Oakland Raiders 17-24 Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs 7-14 Chicago Bears
San Diego Chargers 27-30 New England Patriots
Washington Redskins 14-17 Philadelphia Eagles
Whatchathink about Belicheck? Big Philadelphia Eagles fan but think the excuse about the plays winning the Supe is BS. The birds lost, pure and simple. Maybe having the plays helped, but we'll never know. It's ancient history.

But we do know what it costs to win a Superbowl by cheating. $750K and one draft pick. That's the fine. I'd pay that if I owned a team and needed an edge going into the Supe.
I dont think it had anything to do with winning the Superbowl. I think the fine was a bit lenient though. I would have taken two 1st round draft pics and maybe even docked the team home field advantage in the playoff or taken a win or two away during the regular season.
I would have added a suspension of a game or two for the coach but one thing to consider. The Pats and Belchachick weren't fined for cheating but for using a video camera against league rules. Couldn't prove the more serious charge of cheating which would warrant a harsher penalty. But we all know (wink, wink!).

And the Eagles will win this Monday because I just volunteered for punt return duty! At least I can say "Fair Catch!". :lol:
I hope Philli beats Washington.

Right now my Niners are pissing me off. They are not playing bad against St. Louis but for some reason the play calling sucks. They are running when they should throw and vice versa.
Boy, did Belicheck bring it all or what. I thought the Chargers were a good team, got that wrong.

9ers cost me $50 last week. Missed it by half a point. Damn!
I like every team in the NFL except the Cow-faireys. I despise that team. I can't even stand to hear them make a 1 yd gain. AND I LIVE IN DALLAS!!!!

Yeah, I watched that Patriot-Charger game last night. I haven't been able to pin point what is wrong with that team yet. It's obvious the offensive line isn't blocking worth a crap. I mean L.T. has the lowest Yard Per Carry average in the entire NFL!!!! OUCH.
Well my Niners pulled another close one off winning 17 to 16. First time in about 7 years they have led the division.

WTF was with Cleveland???!!! HOw the hell did they pull out 51 points and beat Cincinnati 51 to 45???? Where the **** did they come from?
Birds tonight. Playing Washington. Birds are a 6.5 point favorite. Won't bet it. Not after Green Bay. Save my money.
what the hell was going on with Clevland and cinncinati? 51-45?
this the team that beat Baltimore the week before?

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