Adler and plan_Ds Drunken Adventures

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Private Chemtrail Disperser
Nov 8, 2004
Well everyone. pD flew over to Germany and visited me with his girlfriend for Rock im Park 2006 in Nurnberg. The time was great and well spent. When he got to Germany we went out with my wife and some of our German friends and let pD get a taste for some 'real' beer, thats right syscom not Budweiser. (Oh and syscom as you stated Budweiser might be an official beer of the World Cup but they are not selling it at the World Cup. In fact they are selling non alcoholic German beer).

Anyways then the next day when I got off from work we drove out to Nurnberg to the Rock im Park festival grounds. We set up camp and then partied with my friends until 4 in the morning. (unfortunatly I dont have any pics of this because I accidently left my camara at home, which my wife then brought out on saturday, so all my pictures are of Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully pD has some good pics of Thursday and Friday.)

On Friday we went down to the 2nd Stage and started off the day with 18 visions, Soil and Alterbridge. Alterbridge was amazing, put on a great show! Then we went back and BBQ and drank some more beer and later went down and saw Cradle of Filth which needless to say was an interesting show. Later after some more Beer Drinking we went down and watched Lacuna Coil which was just simply amazing, and after them we watched In Flames which was great as well. After In Flames was finished The Bloodhound Gang came on they sucked real hard. They were completely drunk and could not even play there instruments. After a little bit we left and partied some more at the camp site.

The next day we went to Main Stage and started the day off with Stone Sour and then watched Alice in Chains put on a killer show. The new singer sounds great and almost like Staley the original singer. Later that day we watched the Deftones who sucked by the way. There sound sucked and they just could not get me into it. Next came Korn who wree simply amazing and then Tool which well that speaks for itself. It was an amazing show as Tool usually is.

The next day which is the day I was waiting for was the greatest. First we watched Trivium which I have to say I loved. It reminded me of old school Metallica from the 1980s. Throughout the day we watched Avenged Sevenfold which did a great tribute to Dimebag Darryl by playing Panteras Walk, Bullet for my Valentine and The Darkness were great as well. Later after sleeping through Reamons performance, the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIMES......


Metallica put on an amazing show as usual. Of the 9 times that I have seen them this was my favorite. 3 songs into the show James announced that it was the 20th Birth Day of MASTER OF PUPPETS which by the way in my opinoin is the single most greatest Metal album of all times. They played the whole Master of Puppets album song for song in a row as a tribute and did a tribute to the late Cliff Burton. The show was amazing and rocked as Metallica usually does. The sound was great and the crowd was really into it. Here is the Metallica set list:

01. Creeping Death
02. Fuel
03. Wherever I May Roam
04. The God That Failed
05. Unforgiven
06. Battery
07. Master of Puppets
08. The Thing That Should Not Be
09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
10. Disposable Heroes
11. Leper Messiah
12. Orion
13. Damage Inc.
14. Sad But True
15. Nothing Else Matters
16. One
17. Enter Sandman
18. So What!
19. Seek and Destroy

Anyhow here are some pics, and I cant wait to see what pD posts as well.


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Well I just dropped pD off at the airport and when he gets back he is going to add his pictures and his take on the stuff. pD is a really cool guy in person and so is his girlfriend. I hope to meet up with him again.

Yesterday we went to the town of Rothenburg and they had a medieval festival and we took a lot of pictures there as well. Will deffinatly have to check it out.

I just hope pDs pics came out better than mine, plus he had his camara on Thursday and Friday, which I did not.
Very cool - I'm amazed you guys completed this endeavor with little carnage. I think more of the membership needs to partake in stuff like this!!
Excellent...Im glad you enjoyed Alter Bridge and Avenged Sevenfold, 2 of my favourite bands...I think im gonna have to make a trek there in a couple of years, looks awesome...
dang I wish people would put their frickin fingers down .............geez this has happened since the 1970's, Pink Flyod, Sabbath, Hendrix, it doesn't matter.
Adler thanks for sharing and I see Plan still must be bent over from the long Deutsche Alcoholic binge you played with em . . . some of that 14 % good stuff eh ?

funny everyone in black, back in the 60's it was wear hardly anything even if it was raining or you were covered with beads and smokin a doobie trying to pinch a loaf
actually we had our fingers someplace else during those crazy days of the 60's. we still bobbed our heads up and down especially the chics

It's alright, I'm back. An excellent weekend was had by all, even though my girlfriend did break her finger during the Metallica show.

Germany is a wonderful country! It is so clean, and beautiful! The German people are fantastic. Very kind and mostly polite. They were a lot of fun, lots of laughs and at times very-very crazy, it was awesome. On the first night I realised how wrong people are when they say Germans have no sense of humour, and are dull (directed at Udet mostly) ... the pub was so lively, Adler's German friend was so much fun and was great to talk to, always with a smile on her face.
The beer was fantastic, I only tried three different beers the first night because we were all so tired. But it was good. Amazing in fact. It was such a great night, and a good warm welcome.
I got to meet some of Adler's buddies at the camp, see his Blackhawks. It was a great, a warm welcome from the lads in there. Really an extremely friendly bunch of people, all too willing to show me around the helicopters. Which I loved.

Thursday we set up camp. As Adler says we partied until the early hours, drinking, chatting, and generally having a laugh. There was a few Germans that had set up camp next to us, and one girl inparticular was so crazy - it was awesome. Just trying to talk to her was a laugh - people were coming all over to party with us. Great night. Unfortunately I only have a few pictures of that night, I was enjoying it too much to take a pictures.
The girl thought she could fly, and that her tent would fly away. She also kept beating her chicken that she was cooking, trying to keep it alive. It was a chicken breast - it was dead quite some time ago! It was so funny! And we had this dude that looked like Gandalf come party with us so Adler's buddy had to put on his nun outfit , and Gandalf got a little crazy and tried to hump him. Oh, and some Swiss dudes trying to get beer, and telling me their tents were way over there ... wherever that there was.

And I'll get to the bands when I sorted out my band pics - used a disposable. But honestly, the only bad show was the Deftones that I saw, I was drinking while they were at Bloodhound Gang.


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Good pics there plan_D and I cant wait to see the band pics that you took. As I said you are allways welcome to come and visit at anytime and Hank and Jay (the guy whos tent was a party) want to come and visit you guys in England. Best wishes to Sarah as well.
Here's some band pictures from my digital. They're not very good. I hope my shots of Lacuna Coil and Cradle of Filth come out good.

I'd be more than happy to meet up with you, Jay or Hank ... or any of your buddies if they come over to Britain. Great people. Oh, and everyone - Adler rocks ! :lol:


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Here's some more pictures. There was some crazy **** - unfortunately for everyone else there wasn't time to picture EVERYTHING ! The second picture here is one of Adler's buddies called Jay, explaining how awesome his tent is... which is the tent behind him, the party tent! Bunch of nuts - it was awesome. Oh, and the bottom picture is Adler "asleep" during Raemon , 'cos they are SO boring it's almost unbelievable.


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I punched some dude in the stomach while he was crowd surfing 'cos he was the one who hurt my girlfriend. But I didn't get to beat him to death. Jay and Eric (two of Adler's buddies) got into a little tussle, but Jay ended it quite quickly by grabbing one of the dudes in a headlock and jumping up and down to Stone Sour! Brady and a few others bashed this lad who swung for them. And Jay got into a fight in the middle of the night against two Germans , and ended up causing some serious damage - I won't say how , unless Adler is happy with it being released. He woke up with a cut over his eye , but from his description one of the other dudes came off a lot worse. We're talking about a guy who bit a glass and spat the broken glass out.

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