Best movie

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There are a few classics that have everything a fine movie should have:

- The Seven Maginificent Men
- La Dolce Vita
- Easy Rider

but I'd define it rather as "What director you like". Then it would be definitely

- Steven Spielberg
- Woody Allen
- Ingmar Bergmann
- Federico Felinni
- Miloš Forman
Best film ever...thats a hard question to answer as different genres have different appeal...

Id probably say perhaps The Great Escape, its certainly my favourite film, But then again I like Donnie Darko just as much...and they're both completely different.
THE best movie ever made_-easy-- DECISION BEFORE DAWN w/

Richard Basehart as Lt. Rennick.
Gary Merrill as Col. Devlin.
Hans-Christin Blech as "Tiger"
Oskar Werner as Luftwaffe Medic/Cpl. Karl Maurer (aka) "Happy"
O.E. Hasse as German Panzer Oberst.
Hildegard Knef as Hilde.
Wilfried Seyferth as Scholz the SS Man.
Klaus Kinski as the whining soldier.
Til Kiwi as a German Soldier.

This movie was filmed shortly after the end of WWII and everything you see : Vehicles, uniforms, Weapons, Badges and destroyed cities--were the real deal. All of the German Soldier extras in the movie, were Wehrmacht veterans. Same for the Allies.

Anyway, this movie will be released on DvD in late May 2006. :))
Sam Peckenpaw's 1969 classic
The Wicker Man
House of Flying Daggers
The Italian Job (No, NOT the remake)
Kill Bill
Star Wars IV
Ghost in the Shell
Saving Private Ryan (Band of Brothers IS better of course)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Shining
Easy Rider
The Matrix (1)
I will go this far....

A couple/few movies changed peoples lives.... For better or worse, they changed...

To start, Star Wars, Jaws, and Close Encounters of The Third Kind....

I will still sit down and watch those three movies, anytime, anywhere, with anyone...

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