Bf109E-1 Jg54 Battle of Britain Group Build

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The Jagdwaffe book definitely states one quarter, and if you look closely at the B&W pics mentioned, you'll see that, with it lining up with the two blades, it is actually a quarter of the spinner, and not one third. If it was the latter, then this would take one edge of the demarcation beyond the line of one prop blade, leaving one blade totally within the white area.
Here's what the camouflage looked like after a 2 hour session with the airbrush. Didn't come out quite as good as I wanted. The air brush was spitting from time to time and I had a little cleanup to do with a thinner dampened q-tip, but I'll live with it.

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Thanks a lot guys, that makes me feel a lot better. I guess I was too critical because it didn't go like I thought it would. I expected more of a clean line and didn't exactly get it as you can see in the closeups below. The RLM 02 went on fine, but I had problems with the RLM 71. The airbrush was spitting and I had to do a lot of clean up so the edge isn't as neat as I wanted it to be
any pics of the system you used Glenn or did you just freehand it ?
I freehanded it Karl, after making light pencil lines where the RLM 71 stripes would go and than just followed them. I got the idea from Terry's Buccaneer build. Then I switched to RLM 02 and did the areas in-between

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Nothing wrong with that Glenn, although it's frustrating when the paint doesn't go as you want it to. I wouldn't mind betting that it's very close to how the real thing looked though, as the 'Schwarzer' who sprayed (or brushed) the original wouldn't have been called Heinz Micaheal von Carravaggio, I bet !!
Looking very good Glen. A touch up over the RLM 71 with very thin paint and low pressure after checking the needle for stuck on paint or any damage to the tip should clean up the edges. Or go with Terrys' theory which is probably pretty close to what really happened.
Glenn, just found these in my stash. might help?


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